Who is the highest rated recruit we’ve ever signed in basketball?

Unquestionably had be be Danny Vranes. But what do I know.

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I don’t think we’ve ever had another Olympian basketball player.

He was also a big proponent of mildly scented soap that floats.

So, who is the fourth? I’m guessing Johnson, Gach, and Chapman are 3 of them. Who is the other?

Borha. I don’t recall him living up to his ranking. Maybe I missed him, because Utah basketball was hard to watch during the Giac-Boylen years.

His best year was actually with Boylen, where he was a solid player.



Right, I meant American Olympian. I should have said so.

Makes sense. As I said, Utah basketball was unwatchable for me during that time. Still, does everyone think Borha was not a disappoinment?

Yes, he was solid, made the tourney his Senior year and was one of the better defenders in the conference. Played four seasons and improved each season resulting in a conference championship his senior year. I don’t know how you can ask for more than that. Pretty short list of four-year contributors since 2005.

He looks pretty solid, averaging 11 points a game as a senior in the MWC.

Then again, maybe he was not a disappointment–I can’t see that he was all that highly rated: