Who else has gone up to the U for the Ken Garff Performance Zone Overview/Sales Pitch?

It’s already happened, Some years ago, perhaps 4 or 5, I was about to purchase an antique firetruck, which I was expecting to use as a tailgate vehicle. Before I closed the deal, I called the U to see how long the waiting list was for spots in the primary tailgate lot - I had asked years earlier and there was a long wait.

To my surprise, I was told there were spots immediately available. When I asked the price, I understood - a one time $35,000 donation for the opportunity to purchase the spot and then several hundred per year. All the long timers are grandfathered in, but new purchases, have to pony up corporate style donations to get in.

I let the truck go, and gave up my dream of ever having a spot in the lot.


Feel very badly for fans who have been in the south stands for decades, especially since they walked out of the stadium last November anticipating spending one last season there before the 2020 season was postponed and now those seats have been torn down.

It’s the price of progress I suppose.

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We are lucky to have the relatively new Shangri-la bathroom in the NE corner of RES :slight_smile:


The bathrooms in the NE corner are supposed to be a secret


This is off topic, but is anyone else surprised at how little they miss football? I have never been someone who can just sit down and watch a game regardless of who is playing. I don’t have the patience to watch an NFL game on television. None the less, I expected to really be missing watching the Utes. The reality is that I’m fine without it.

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I miss the tailgating and the games. Regarding other games, I really like watching big intersectional games. Oregon was supposed to play Ohio St this year. That could have been epic. Regarding the NFL, my neighbor has NFL ticket and 6 TV’s in his man cave, so we watch every week. It’s great.

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Hmm, I guess I can’t say I miss it. That’s not really my personality. But I do enjoy watching it. There’s so little to watch on television. Sports trumps almost everything else out there for drama, originality, and excitement.

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So would have Oregon’s game with perennial FCS champion North Dakota State. That would have been a fascinating matchup.