Which Runnin Utes Can Win Us Some PAC 12 Games?

Attended some great tourney games in the Huntsman Center (then called SEC) over the years. Among the highlights was a sold out arena watching Wyoming knock off UCLA with the Dubya-Why-Oh chant booming throughout the game. Best time I’ve ever had at a game where my team wasn’t playing.

My favorites? 1979 Magic v Bird, and UCLA cleaning the Cosic-led Doug’s clock.


I mailed in a lot of ticket requests for the 1979 final four but didn’t get drawn out.

I hope you’re right but if Allen continues to struggle shooting, Plummer seems like our only capable scorer, unless Martinez can play 30 minutes without fouling out.

Larsson looks to be Drca 2.0, Jantunen is a twig, Carlson is a twig, Jones looked surprisingly good when he looked like a 12 year old but now that he’s filled in and has enough facial hair to look 20, he looks like Terry Preston with facial hair.

Bummed that tonight’s game was postponed. I needed it to wash the taste of that bad USC game from my mouth.