Utah v ASU Game Thread

Sometimes a simple heuristic works better than all the predicting going on. Sports comparisons often are simply transitive. Based on games against WSU then:

Utah >> WSU ASU = WSU (won close home game) therfore Utah >> ASU

I do think Utah wins by 14 or more.


I saw Herm Edwards talking at some length to Kyle after the game. It looked like a bit more than the typical “Good game, congratulations” handshake. Sure enough, here’s how Herm described that encounter to the Arizona news media:

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I’m happy to be wrong — we beat the spread. The Utes made the game a bit more interesting than it needed to be, but as Whit told Scott Mitchell in the post-game, “There’s no such thing as an ugly win.” IDK about that but the defensive effort last night was a thing of beauty.


It’s interesting…this rivalry took almost a 30 year break and came back just as heated as it was when ASU left for the PAC. This season Herm’s kids melted down. Back in the day Kush would’ve never apologized for that stuff.

Say what you want, but it was a class act that Herm did that.


Yes, class act. But shouldn’t a class act do a better job teaching and coaching his players not to be thugs on the field?


Sometimes kids don’t do what they are taught, they let their emotions get in the way. I’ll chalk it up to Herm just not having enough time to impact the culture, for now.

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I can only imagine how amped up some of these players are prior to a game. On both teams that is. Coaches can teach the “correct” way to do things all they want. When the player hits the field, sometimes emotions get the better of them. I give Herm a lot of credit for apologizing, that I imagine is almost never done.

Good win, hopefully Huntley isn’t too banged up and will be ready next week.

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Interesting ESPN take. For them it’s all about Oregon. (But the Utes get a little love too.)

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I agree. In the WAC before the Az schools went to the Pac 8, we were able to have our days with Arizona BB teams but it was very hard going with the ASU FB teams. When ASU left the WAC it opened the door for the Y to dominate WAC FB. It has been a long time coming but now in the Pac 12 we are the most competitive ever with ASU. For us old timers, it is very pleasant to beat a ranked ASU team.


Yes it is! Somewhere Frank Kush is not smiling.

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The WAC battles against the Grand Canyon State schools were a bit before my time. But I remember a lot of games in the 80s where Utah would visit Tempe in “get a big cash payout for the athletic program” games (with never a return game in Salt Lake) where we usually would be trashed. (We did have the game with Scott Mitchell where we made up about a 4-5 TD deficit to end up losing by only 7).

Nice now to be back in the same conference with them and holding our own.

Also will give Herm credit for apologizing after the game. They came into the game one of the least penalized teams in the conference so this hasn’t been normal behavior for them.

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Utah had a season low for yards 342 and rushing yards 151
Season averages are 449 for yards and 218 for rushing
Utah only had 16 positive rushes and 29 positive plays, both season lows
Utah also had a season high in negative (under 3 yards) rushes at 27 attempts (avg 19.6)
And 38 negative total plays on 67 plays. First time all season Utah broke the 50% negative plays threshold. Utah only had 1 big run (14+ yards) the Moss TD.
Utah had 3 three-and-outs all season, but 3 three-and-outs vs ASU
9 total turnovers in 13 possessions by far a season high

    • I count turnovers as any drive that didn’t end in a score. 3 TD drives and the end of the game were the other 4 drives.

For ASU, Utah only allowed 8 first downs, season low (avg 13.6 per game allowed)
ASU was the first team all season to break the 100 yard rushing mark, mostly on a late 32 yard run by Benjamin.
But Utah allowed a season low 25 yards passing. Not a season low for yards 136, that mark is held by Idaho St (36 rush 80 pass)
ASU did run the ball 33 times which was 10 more than Utah usually sees.
ASU was only the second team to be heavy run 64.7% of plays (Idaho St was 52.1%)
BYU and ASU are the only two teams with 10+ positive (4+ yards) rushes on Utah, both with 11.
Utah only allowed 14 positive yards all game (3 pass) both season lows for Utah opponent.
ASU had 22 negative (3 or less yards) rushing plays, season high for Utah opponent.
ASU did have 2 big runs, the 32 yard run by Benjamin and an 18 yard run by Benjamin early in the 3rd quarter.
ASU had a season high 7 three-and-outs, Utah typically allows 3 per game, the 13 possessions was a season high for a Utah opponent. 12/13 possessions resulted in a turnover, only the FG after the Utah turnover was the positive drive for Utah.
ASU had 371 net punting yards on 8 punts, an average of 46.4 yards (season high for Utah opponent)

Utah has only lost the time of possession battle once. by: 13 seconds to Northern Illinois.
Utah passed the ball more than their opponent for only the second time all year (Idaho St)
and Utah was +10 on positive passing plays (season high)

The teams combined for 76 rushing plays (64.4% of all plays were a run)
They also combined for 49 rushes less than 4 yards and 75/118 plays went for less than 4 yards (63.6% and a season high)
Only 7 big plays all game (3 runs, 4 passes)
They combined for 10 three-and-outs, a typical Utah gave sees 4.
21/26 possessions ended in a turnover, hence the low score
The result is 559 punt yards and 13 total punts.

Side note, Brandon Aiyuk is 15th in the nation in yards per reception with 20.6 YPC
Aiyuk is 11th in the nation in total receiving yards with 658
He was averaging 108.5 yards per game
He’s now averaging 94.0 yards per game.
Versus Utah and Jaylon Johnson, he had 1 catch for 7 yards.


Your weekly data posts should be stickied at the top of the board! Thank you!


Thanks. I wasn’t sure where to put it and at the end of a game thread seemed appropriate. I didn’t want to start a whole new thread.