University Administration

I hope a dynamic, inspirational individual is chosen this time. We haven’t had a person like that as president of the U since Michael Young.

I’ve heard the name Taylor Randall. He is the dean of the college of business and, in my brief experience with him, an impressive guy. I don’t even know if he’s a candidate.

3 finalists to be announced Wednesay. You probably will be happy.

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Great. I hope whoever is chosen has some vigor, vision and charisma.

Utah’s press release is a lot more on each candidate

You can do a lot worse than Taylor Randall. He pulled the business school out of the dregs. What he has done for that school is amazing. I’d be completely satisfied and enthusiastic about him as president. I know nothing about the candidates but if he is the worst we are in good hand.


I’ve known Dean Taylor Randall for a considerable number of years and have nothing but high praise for him. He’s actually a 3rd generation Randall family faculty member in the College of Business. Accordingly, his Univ of Utah roots and loyalty run extremely deep. He’s done a phenomenal job as the Dean. But I disagree with your statement that the school was in the dregs beforehand.

Jack Brittian was literally the biggest joke of a dean I’ve ever seen in my life. I can go on (and have on UFN before) but the proof was in the pudding. While he was dean the U’s b-school dropped to third-tier rankings. Taylor Randall totally turned that place around, secured world class facilities and teachers and made it respectable again.


I regret that I only have but one star to give to this post. I graduated from the business school while he was dean. I couldn’t agree more with you.