Trouble in paradise

I’m at a bar with my dog watching the Utah vs TDS game and Utah scores,my dog jumps off the stool, runs around the stool and hops back up to watch. TDS scores and he covers his eyes and howls. Finally when the game is over and Utah has won, my dog runs around the bar doing flips until reaching his stool and hops up on to it. The patron next to me says holy crap ! that’s impressive, what does he do if TDS wins? I said I don’t know he’s only 9 years old. Sorry, it’s an old joke but worth bringing out every once in awhile


Your dog is a genius


This did not age well.

You’ve got some BYU Creamery’s Cosmo’s Vanilla and Marshmallow Explosion on your chin. Let’s see… joined 30 minutes ago, digging up all these old TDS posts and trashing Utah and the PAC?

I think I know your zip code.

I live out of state, Texas to be exact.

I must have misinterpreted your Utah football excitement. Welcome to Utefans!

What part did not age well?

My mistake, I posted on the wrong thread.
It was a thread about the PAC-12 conference,and the fact that I dislike it.

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