Transfer Portal Thread

I wonder if Smith is looking into this guy. 6’11” former 5 Star McDonalds All-American.

We don’t get McDonald’s All Americans.

We get guys who don’t even have a McDonald’s in their country.


Brown was Pac 12 6th man of the year.
For now, we have to settle for the low hanging fruit.

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Utes have reached out to PF from Southern Miss.

Rumor has it that Rylan Jones is transferring.

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Its true, I think.

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Yup sounds like it.

I sincerely hope for their sake, transferring works out for these kids. With the number of kids in the portal, it seems inevitable that some will end up in a worse situation than the one they’re transferring away from. Some, probably, without scholarships.

The grass is NOT always greener…

Is Rylan a P12 point guard? Love the kid, but I’m not sure.

Yes, I’m not sure either. And if he’s being nudged out by the new coaching staff, then perhaps he will find a better spot somewhere with a G5 school or a lower division.

My comment was not really directed specifically at Jones, as much as it was at all the kids that transfer. For many, I fear they make a decision in hast, that in some cases will cost them.

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This whole Rylan Jones situation is really kind of sad. From what little I know, he is a lifelong Ute fan who has had the opportunity to play at his dream school and now its all caving in on him. I had the opportunity to watch him play when he was a senior in High School. My son later told me that he was one of the best basketball players he had played against while in high school. I hope he finds a good landing spot.

Don’t take this as a slam on Jones, but a good argument can be made for him to go to Westminster College. It’s close to home so his family can easily see him play home games and you would think that he’d have a clear path to a lot of playing time. Westminster College would also give him a fantastic education with a great network. I don’t know the guard situation at Utah State or UVU but I hope both schools are reaching out. I think Jones is an elite college shooter and has a very high basketball IQ. He should be able to find a good landing spot somewhere. Unfortunately, he might have to leave the state.

Well, so far our transfers have landed at Texas, Illinois, and Maryland, so they’ve done pretty well for themselves.

Rylan Jones is a P5 caliber guard, he had a sophomore slump. But we were all pretty high on him two years ago. I’m disappointed he is moving on. Also a little surprised as his dad is going to be the head coach at Highland High.

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Yeah the U is so much further away than Westmini. What a hardship it must be for his family to trek all the way up to the Hill to watch him play…

How are we suppose to win without 12 guards?

If you go back into the thread a little bit you will see that I am making my statement in reference to him leaving Utah.

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I think you and I can agree on this in part. I think he has the skill set of a division 1 basketball player but I don’t think he is athlete enough to be a division 1 athlete. And to use your terms I do not think he is a P5 athlete.

I think the new Utah coach would be wise to help R Jones find a new place to play. Then the new coach can bring in a more athletic guard to take R Jones’s place and train up the skill set. You can teach shooting, ball handling & BBall IQ. You really can only do so much training with athleticism. I also think the new coach is a very good hire for Utah.

Ill never forget watching in person as he took over the game (yeah, he missed a critical shot, i get it) against BYU in 2019 and led us to victory. I wish him well and wish it could have played out differently.