Toolson barked at Larry at the end of overtime. I wonder what was said

Maybe he was just congratulating coach on a fine game.

Someone on twitter says he was yelling at Chris Jones about his kid flopping all game

It was surely something about brotherly love.

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But I am sure Larry was at fault. *eye roll

That block Jones was called for with about 90 seconds left should have been a charge too.


If it was something derogatory, then I would hope that Pope is big enough to apologize to coach K and the whole Ute basketball team. Any coach that allows their players to jaw directly to an opposing coach has no respect for the game. We already saw Rose be indifferent to the blatant punch thrown by his player. Hope Pope is better than that.


Tommy Connor said something to him after that, Connor seemed really mellow, almost like he was consoling him, like, “Hey, come on, you’ve had a good game, let’s go.”

Though in my heart I hope he was calmly saying, “That’s right, ■■■■■. Whine like I used to make your progenitors whine.”


There was a reference in the post game interview with Coach K in which a reporter asked about someone (could not hear who) had refused to shake K’s hand. Krysko was gracious about it, and let whomever completely off the hook.

I had to RUN out at the end of the game and did not witness the handshake line, and so have no idea who spurned whom.


I think it was something about ‘Lighting the World’


It was Pope and he didnt refuse he just blew through it without even looking at K. So lets just say it was bare minimum you could call a handshake.

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I remember watching Andy Stoolson back in the 80,s they are from a huge family of cry babies.

This is in the Zoobs DNA guys. Ainge was that way. It is part of their entitled upbringing. Proud of our kids and you locals enjoy this you own it for a year.


lets call him Stoolson, he reminds me of a big turd!

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