This UCLA receiver made a booboo

The gauntlet is tossed-570885634

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We’re getting another Wyoming 2007.


Onside kick?


This was their fan base after last season’s loss to us in the Rose Bowl.

This loss could be much uglier. They may want to eat a Tide Pod first. It makes the bleach go down so much easier…or so I read on the internet. :wink:


Trivia time. That’s Dustin Hoffman as Captain Hook. Who is the other actor saying, “I did”?

I do believe that was the great Glenn Close


Only if up 50.


FWIW, this info comes from Yogi Roth on the Ted & Yogi’s PAC-12 Adventure podcast this week.

Ethan Fernea is a SR walk-on WR who earned a scholarship after fall camp this year. UCLA unretired Nick Pasquale’s number for Ethan to wear this year.

Nick Pasquale was Travis Wilson’s best friend (and was a friend of Cole Fotheringham’s family), who was hit and killed by a drunk driver before the 2013 season. UCLA retired his number afterward, but then allowed Ethan Fernea to wear it this year. This is a high honor for Fernea.

Ethan Fernea is going to have a tough outing vs Utah, but the overarching story is quite uplifting and positive.

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Thank you for that touching background story.

Well at least he didn’t “guarantee” a win.

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You, sir are correct!

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