This last game is a symbol of the entire K3 era

Jimmy Soto would take us to The Final Four

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I’m not sure about that.

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Andre Miller.

That’d be fun to watch. I wonder if he–or anybody who had a long, successful NBA career-- wants to coach in college? Keith Van Horn? How about Britton Johnsen?

Problem is, PAC-12 schools aren’t entry level jobs. I think prior D1 head coaching experience is a must. Maybe we drop down G5, but no farther than that. Any new coach will be a gamble, and a newbie is a huge gamble. Harlan will want to take as small a gamble as he can. And I guarantee you that he already has a short list. If he’s in the hunt he’ll be reaching out after the NCAA tournament ends. Might be sending out feelers during March Madness to coaches whose teams are not in the Dance or have been eliminated.

Well outbid BYU for pope and then Lohner will transfer. :joy:

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Well, we’d take Alex Jensen (or Johnny Bryant?) in a heartbeat, and they don’t have prior D1 head coaching experience. The problem there, of course, is that they likely don’t want to move down to college from the NBA.

Like you said, there are no guaranteed paths to success. But I’d like to try grabbing whichever mid major has a big run in the tournament this year. We haven’t tried that approach yet.

Is there an advantage to hiring a former Ute? How so?

Not since The Fat Man.


Do you really think Donnie is out on the recruiting trail??

Not sure that is even allowed in his current job.

I think he can meet with recruits when they come to campus, but nothing more.

What about Ma Jian?? He had a similar NBA career as Britton Johnsen and Alex Jensen who have been named as candidates.

unbelievably UA gave Sean Miller a three year extension today.

Being a Utah fan is frustrating, but at least you dont have to worry about the FBI dropping by


And based on the lack of punishment they received, Arizona doesn’t have to worry about it either.


Sadly, only a few laws matter anymore.

I’m not here defending Coach K, I gave him this year as his last chance to turn things around and he hasn’t done it, so, after 50+ years attending games, 30+ years as a season ticket holder, the last 3 failed coaching hires, and almost two decades of less than stellar basketball, I’m done. I’m retiring soon and it makes no sense to keep betting that somehow, someday, this will all turn around.

But, I will say, that the NCAA not punishing AZ, KS, and others, and failing to do so for decades, is in some small part, responsible for the failure of this coaching staff.

There were several critical recruiting failures for Coach K, that went specifically to AZ, some of which smell of last minute payment to the recruit. These have certainly helped K to his demise. However, I still hold he and the staff ultimately responsible for the failures:

  1. No one, believes that Gonzaga is paying their recruits, and they are succeeding wildly, while we are thrashing. They have nothing to offer that Utah does not have to offer (and more), save a winning program,
  2. Majerus, Pimm and Gardner, successfully recruited kids from western states, Europe, Austrailia, or wherever they had to do, who had enough talent to be coached up to succeed in the our conference and in the NCAA. I’m sure they all lost recruits to payola, but they kept searching, and finding diamonds in the rough, ala Coach Whit.
  3. As our late basketball benefactor specifically told K, don’t accept being a victim.

It is clear to me, that K and his staff accepted being victims some years ago, and the latest theft, by BYU, only reinforced, in their minds that the world is conspiring to steal their chances to succeed.

Utah needs to hire someone who believes that they can turn this program around. And then DOES IT.


Amen, brother.

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I dont think this is accurate. I cant find anything about it.

I saw a Wilner tweet about it yesteday.

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Here’s a Wilner thread on the subject. The posts by Arizona fans are funny.

Yeah, its just Jason scheer asking what arizona should do. Ill be interested to see what they do with him.

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