This could get ugly pretty quickly

This is my biggest complaint. I get the OL not looking good, but why didn’t we go to Kuithe more often? Was it scheme or did the QB’s not look his way? Either way, they need to get him a lot more involved in the offense.

I really liked a lot of what the defense showed. Like, really, really liked. Had we played our original schedule, would have demolished a FCS team last night or won by 10 points over BYU and be hearing about why we were so lucky?

Anyways, I think our defense was good. Very, very good. The safeties and Phillips were exposed a bit, but they are so young we all expected that. Broughton was a bright spot. Sewell was fantastic. Kaufusi showed some really good things. The DT’s were solid.

We were a team playing their first game vs one of the most talented teams in the country playing their third and it showed.

All in all, I’m excited for the future. This team will be really, really good this fall.