The “what are you cooking right now?” Thread

I may have to co-opt your idea. I like that. Simple, yet elegant. Looks really tasty.

I did a chicken breast in the oven the other evening. 450 for about 16-17 minutes. I coated the meat in butter and used a basic poultry rub. There were things I liked about it and some things I didn’t care for as much. I was pretty lazy about it and probably should have made my own rub.

Is anyone using any interesting rubs? I tend to do a lot of fish and poultry. Have tried many rubs, but don’t have any that I’m too terribly fond of.

Roasted fingerlings are always a nice touch. Do you have any tips for those? I haven’t done them in a few years.

My chicken mole enchiladas with jalepeno rice from last night.


Say, what time is dinner at your house :wink:

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Today for lunch I made a turkey and ham sandwich on white bread, with pickles, sliced tomato, Swiss cheese, mustard and mayo, accompanied by Sun Chips and a diet Pepsi. I’d post a photo but I don’t want to make you guys envious. We guys with sophisticated palates try to be sensitive that way.


Sun Chips are for high rollers among this Funyuns crowd.

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Do you have a recipe for that mole?


I like where this thread is going

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I just put them in a bag, shake with a little olive oil, put in a roasting pan, add a little sage, rosemary, and salt, and bake for 30-40 minutes at 425 (check often, they go from done to over cooked quickly). They could not be easier, and are very good.

I sometimes make the above salad with meat/potatoes/onion hot, and sometimes with everything cold. It’s great either way.

Tonight’s dinner:

Street Tacos

Marinated/grilled thin sliced, top round steak, street tacos, with blue corn chips and salsa, cuban black beans with read onion/cilantro/lime garnish, and tomato/cucumber/avocado/red onion salad with lime/cilantro dressing. I usually add a side dish of Harmon’s black bean/corn salad, but they were out.

And of course Mrs. sal, has my home made Margarita, and I have an ice cold Modelo Especial.


We do “street tacos” somewhat regularly, they’re so simple.

Homemade cuban black beans? If so, what recipe do you use?

Sorry it’s so late:

I’d like to do honey jalapeno glazed and Carolina style ribs on the Traeger. I’m wondering if anyone has any recipes or tips they’re willing to share.

The honey jalapeno glaze should be simple enough. Make a simple syrup with honey and water, add minced or chopped jalapenos until you get the flavor that you want. Reduce to desired thickness, and use as a glaze on ribs, or other items you want glazed. Pretty much a last step or it will burn.

As for your Carolina ribs… Not sure what you’re looking for. Personally I’d argue that there is no native Q in most of the Carolinas. They have great tasting roasted pork products, but no Q since most don’t use a rub or really smoke the meat. I’ve gotten into some heated debates here about Carolina and Q, and that Carolina ain’t got none.

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I just like a vinegary sauce. Its probably my favorite way to eat ribs.

Ok, makes sense with what you meant.

One of the easier creations then is get your preferred vinegar (apple cider, balsamic, whatever). Add your spices. If if were me I’d add chili flakes, garlic, onion, parsley, thyme. Let it sit at least a week, then check flavoring. In there you may want to add some peppercorns, or sugar. If you add sugar, or salt heat up your vinegar or create some heated liquid to put your salt or sugar into solution or dissolve those solids.

I’d also add some distilled water to get to the flavor that I was looking for if it became too strong with just vinegar and spices alone.

Just my suggestions.

Short answer, is yes I cooked professionally for a long time. So, if you were to eat at my place I sometime make complex stuff, but mostly it’s fairly simple stuff that I can throw together in an hour or less. There are things, like if I’m smoking that take much longer, but I don’t plan many menus out for our home consumption. I hate leftovers is part of it. It’s not easy cooking for 2 people.

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So you’re in charge of the BBQ for the next UF.N tailgate?

It’d be fun, but kinda stuck in Ea. NC.