The Utah brand

Precisely why we win 6/10. We are more consistent than they are. We are are at a stage where within a year we were consistently great and inconsistently elite. We needed to be consistently elite. We weren’t. To get there, we need the program to be no worse than good an inconsistently great in a given year for about a decade.

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The things that concerned me going into this game in no particular order:
Short week after CU played one of their best games of the season and fought hard all game, while Oregon half-assed it against the beavers and played with low intensity.

A fan posted a pic of Whitt Sunday morning at Grand America after the CU game (breakfast with the visiting recruits?). Whitt is grinning but looks exhausted. He said the whole team was up the entire night from the excitement. Wut? You’ve been here before.

All the damn hype and being the main attraction in prime time. Seems to have an impact on this school for whatever reason.

Away game. Yes it’s a neutral site, but it makes a difference.

Whitt’s difficulty since the Sugar Bowl winning the games that really matter.

Everyone has made good points. I don’t know what to think at this point. Hopefully we’ll just keep improving. Knowing how long some teams have gone without a Conference Championship is both soothing and worrisome.


Finebaum, even though he is a pencil neck, summed up what is probably an accurate statement of how people in SEC country, Big 12, and Big 10 feel about the Pac 12. The poor showing against Oregon yesterday did not help the image.


The only way to get over that hump is for Oregon to blast Wisconsin, for Utah to completely donkey punch Texas, and for USC to pound Iowa.

Anything less than that and the “PAC-12 is weak” narrative will continue.

Also, Chris Petersen needs to erase Boise State in the Vegas Bowl, ASU should beat Florida State, Cal over Illinois, and Washington State will have its hands full with the Triple-Option-Cut-Blockers at Air Force.

None of those things will move the needle at all. There is only one way to change a “Pac-12 is weak” narrative, and that is to win a national title (or at least a big playoff win). Nobody will notice, care, or remember the rest of the bowl results.

I’m rooting against USC with a clear conscience. The USC fan fallout if Helton falls flat on his face after they retained him would be hilarious (and would be good for Utah).

AFA is 10-2 and not ranked. They deserve the win, and I hope they get it.

Why would I root for UW over Boise State? I’ll almost always pull for a G5 over a P5, doubly so when the P5 competes with us for recruits.

Oregon cost us a Rose Bowl by choking to Herm. ASU cost us a Rose Bowl by beating Oregon. I’m not pulling for those two.

I guess I could pull for Cal if you think that will help the Pac-12 somehow. But Lovie’s beard…

There was a season a few years ago when Utah was the only Pac-12 team to win its bowl game. That gave us more good press than the scenario you are describing.

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The last two Oregon TD’s sure looked like Utah had given up.

Julian Blackmon makes turns both of those plays into 7 yard gains, rather than 70 yd TDs.


Yeah. That’s what I meant. Until this game they handled adversity well. I think it was clear they’d given up after their 3rd quarter rally fizzled.

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I like how you think.

Great points from the OP. But Tucson has a distinct advantage…they pay their players a lot of scratch.


Who can doubt it? But I guess my point remains: It’s not the city. Maybe it’s just the corruption level.