The official "What are you listening to right now?" thread

… And I only know 3 chords! …



Here you go! You can tell they are making these videos on a shoe-string budget–which I kind of dig.

Acacia Ridge: What Man Has Made
Acacia Ridge: Malevolence

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Frank Zappa - Brown Shoes from the Album “Mothers of Invention”

Still remember him rolling around SLC in the ZAP ONE.


Just a hilarious routine. Hard rocking tune for a few minutes, then Cheech and Chong have a great dialog. “Does that mean you’re done spitting on me too?”


I’m in an Uber car and my driver is playing a Creedence greatest hits collection. Loving it. Haven’t heard these terrific songs for a while. They are better than most of today’s top 40 (if that’s still a thing).


They do have some great stuff.
Never understood why John fogerty has such a crook in his craw about the Grateful Dead, but, whatever man…

“I Put a Spell on You”, my favorite tune by CCR. If you’ve never heard this tune by the original author/performer, (it’s a bit out there), check it out on YouTube - it was written and recorded originally by:

Screamin (and I do mean screamin’) Jay Hawkins

(This reminds me, that if this tune was not on the Halloween Song list, that someone published on this site last Halloween, it certainly should have been.)


Yeah and I think there’s a video of screaming Jay doing it and it is actually, quite frightening.

OMG! I found it. It’s certainly a very interesting video and has a lot of social implications to enumerate on… but, even better, is a very long commentary-story by one of his guitarist. I’ve never seen quite such a long story in an online commentary before.
The entire thing is just amazing. What a character. What a great story!

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Frank Zappa “Black Napkins” and Marcus King “Thespian Espionage”

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I quite like Screamin Jay Hawkins. If my memory serves me, he came out of a casket every performance. He was also frequently drunk during his performances.

Yeah, I was reading about him last night. As I said, the commentary link from one of his guitar players is really just one great story after another. But in closing, he said that the guy paid his musicians well, was really solid guy and never cheated anyone (money wise, anyway…)

WOW! Loved the old recording of Zappa, but have to admit I was not familiar with Marcus King, and boy am I glad I am now! Thanks for the introduction!

Glad I can turn people on to new music. Saw Marcus at a small club in Amsterdam, it was phenomenal!

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Quinn Sullivan does a killer version of Black Napkins too

This from Saturday night Live, 1980

I just never got into them. I don’t usually like jam bands.

Is there an album or a song I should start with?

What I am listening to today. I quite like Low (I’m sure some of you are familiar with them) and love selected Gainsbourg tracks. Stereolab is an all time favorite.

I know it’s ridiculous to say that they are not a “jam band” per se… Because they are. However, I do prefer songs with a beginning middle and end. FTR, I never liked the whole drum space thing as part of their concerts, but, that’s okay you know - the mystique of jazz/improv/randomness - it’s contribution. Otherwise, I always fast forward those segments.
I want to hear songs. Songs that Tell a story. I think they are in fact, uniquely great at that.
With that in mind, tell me whether you’d prefer up-tempo or something else. They wrote a lot music. I love sad songs. They wrote some extraordinarily well-written sad, genuine ballads. They also wrote up-tempo stuff
A lot of stuff that kind of transcends Texas Swing, Jive, Hillbilly, Rockabilly, Country Western, Folk, even a big-band element to their music. Jerry loved Count Basie…
Anyway, what do you think you’d prefer?