The official "What are you listening to right now?" thread

I have a love hate relationship with this band, much like the relationship I have with U2. Sometimes I love their music, and sometimes I can’t stand it. Coldplay’s first two albums were solid. Everything after that is pretty lame IMO.


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Love Joe’s attitude and honesty

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Love Joe.

I don’t understand the logistics of how this can be done, but, that was way beyond awesome.

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Here’s a couple: First one is a fun cover of Stairway to Heaven by Heart and friends… Second is one of my favorite live performances. How does he even have a voice left after this???

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“I was talking to peachy peach about kissy kiss”

My wife played this tonight… first time I’ve heard it in years and I reminded me of how much I like this whole album, and of the first time I heard these tunes, sometime in around 2003-2004, at Kingsbury Hall. Winwood played there soon after this album was released. It’s a bit different for him, a bit of latin feel, and he had an exceptional guitar player with him that night, who I plan to look up tomorrow and see what else he has done.

Love that CD, different for Winwood but great stuff!!

Saw BB King and Pat Metheny at Kingsbury. Great venue

Yes it is.

I saw Pat Matheny there was well, and I’m curious what year you saw BB at Kingsbury - I saw him there sometime around 2008-2009, but I also saw him in concert there in about 1973 - 1974 (not long after he recorded his seminal work, ‘Live at Cook County Jail’). THAT was one of the best concerts I ever attended! And his opening act… a little known comedian who was about to hit it big… Steve Martin. That same year, (I believe), I saw Larry Coryell in concert at Kingsbury. It was a spectacular show, but, but my ears are still ringing :frowning:

It’s too bad it is not used more often.

Saw BB around 84-85, great show. I can’t remember the opening act but they played at the Zephyr Club later that night, so my buddy and got there about 11-11:30 ,about 12 :15 or so BB and his entourage came in unnoticed and slid up the stairs, we quickly followed just to tell him how much we enjoyed his show. 5 minutes later we are drinking a beer and chatting with the King. One of my all time favorite moments!


I was at the zephyr that night as well, although not having beer with BB.