The Happy Thread

I feel a lot better already :slight_smile:

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I love watching accordion players.

Kinda looks like Bob Weir after a long strange trip

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I needed to see this this evening:

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Throughout Salt Lake City this past week teams of volunteers from many organizations gathered fallen trees and cut them into logs. The logs are being transported to Native American tribes throughout Utah for use as winter fuel. (The thought is that after the wood is cut into fireplace-size pieces it will be dry enough by late November to be good firewood.)

I thought this was a great example of making lemonade out of lemons.


Cooking up a pot of chili for dinner. Chili on a day like today always makes me happy.



Looks super tame and not intimidating as well. I’ve heard it has a constant stream of noise emanating from it, but when it comes time for action, you discover it’s just a lot of noise. It seems like the first 3/4ths of the confrontation it backs up so it is completely out of reach then inches closer the last 1/4 of the confrontation…then leaves.

But it then hangs around and constantly tells you how lucky you are the confrontation ended when it did…

Nothing to be too concerned about.

@Steggys_Mixtapes goes to Costco.

That’s just someone doing a cheap imitation.

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