The Deseret News has lost all credibility and integrity. Sad. No wonder main stream media is dying

I posted a comment critical of the behavior of the hundreds of the adults receiving missionaries at the SLC airport. A person replied to my comment, better watch it, your comment will be deleted as mine was. I’m thinking, no way. Unbelievably he was right. This has occurred several times in the last year or two on several different subjects. Well, the good news, one less propaganda outlet I care to visit ever again.

By the same token, the L.A. Times, N.Y. Slimes, MSLSD, Washington Compost, Communist News Network, major TV networks, entertainment/sports industry, Google, Et al., are so slanted and biased they make seem downright fair and objective.

p.s. - Don’t have pay TV, never watched FOX.

One of the reasons I recently made a donation to The SLT.


Interesting. I have been blocked on KSL, but the DesNews has been far more permissive about what I have been allowed to post.

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They truly are the Desperate News.

I quoted a passage in the Book of Mormon about Charity and the Mods over there took my post down. Imagine that, a Book of Mormon passage being so offensive they took it down.
Since my comment was about Charity I think it was far too left wing for the Deseret News.


I’d be fascinated to know when it was that the Deseret News had any credibility to lose.


You guys sound like all the “far right” people complaining about being banned or otherwise censored on twitter, youtube and facecrook.

Freedom of expression is kind of a big deal, eh.

Some people have the tendency to use their scripture as a way all of society should live, but ONLY when it suits their own viewpoints and desires.

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You’re not wrong utefansince79.

I’m just shocked that the Deseret News would delete a comment quoting the Book of Mormon.

I’ll take CNN, LAT, NYC, etc., over Fox – they are all biased toward something. As a minimal political, party-neutral person, now that I’ve moved back to Trump country, or Utah, time is certainly interesting. Logic and reason seem to be missing, and have been for some time.

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With the rather significant difference that no one is calling for the Des News to be shut down.

Only pointing out that they’re idiots, which causes us to spend money and clicks elsewhere.


I got my account shut down on for calling out Rocky Anderson. It was when he stated that Luz Escamilla was unfit to be mayor because she was LDS and thus would be beholden to all of their demands. I said, “If only she had a history and voting record as an elected official that would help us understand if she will simply toe-the-line with the LDS church. Oh wait, we do have one… and she hasn’t.”

Rocky did not take kindly to me saying that and went NUTS in the comments, it was pretty humorous. I didn’t respond to him but next thing I knew…


So yeah, DesNews has never had a lot of journalistic integrity, neither does the Trib. I’m a bit embarrassed to admit that I posted in the comment sections of the Trib because that is the biggest pile of nuts on the planet - same 10 people posting the same exact thing day after day after day.


Gee I must have missed all the “far right” people calling for twitter, youtube and fb to be shut down.

So you are actually pro-censorship, just prefer to call names when the censors are not on the same ideological team as you. For a minute there I thought you may have actually cared about the value of speaking one’s mind in public, especially if it is criticism one believes is important.

Could be some of those infamous “Russian bots”

I’ve not been to the D-News website for some time. I remember my Mom calling it the Sheep Herder Gazette for it’s views. Although I do remember their coverage of our Utes to be decent, never great, but decent.

That being said, I do like to get a variety of views on something. I found this aggregator of left, right, and center websites: AllSides | Balanced news via media bias ratings for an unbiased news perspective. I can’t say it’s perfect, but you at least get multiple sources at one time for the biggest topics of the day. Sadly that means nothing on RMs at Salt Lake International, but just a suggestion for down the road.

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I said the Des News are idiots specifically because they’re censoring comments critical of the church.

I’m curious how you twist that into me somehow being “pro-censorship”, but you do you man.


Because instead of agreeing that the three much larger companies engaging in censorship is also idiotic in the same way, you “twisted” that to be about supposed calls for shut downs by the censored.

Also, there are ample substitutes for DesNews, but not so much (at least in terms of scale of audience) for twitter, youtube & fb. Those three also have legal protections because they were defined as “platforms” and not “publishers”, which is kind of a big difference.

So I would like to put a pause on further bickering here - I know feelings are raw right now - but I think people have made their point.

I’m intervening because I feel like the new board’s moderation has been a very positive thing, and going to places like CougarBoard that are melting down has only reinforced that for me.

Are we okay to agree that censorship is crap and move on knowing we aren’t going to change opinions in this regard on more nuanced takes?


You bet, RU. Thanks for keeping the peace.

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Fair enough.

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