The Craig Smith era begins

Yeah, this is not great, but fairly typical; Pelle agreed to play for Krysto, we fired K, that means there is a good chance that Pelle would leave.

I don’t think we were that close to being a tourney team last year (sorry, Sancho) and it looks like we won’t be next year either :frowning:


Why does he wait so long though? Yes, he signed up to play for Larry, but he sure waited a long time with Smitty. Is this in response to Smith bringing in so many other guards? I would have thought he’d be a strong candidate to start and would at least get a lot of minutes.

Hey, I never said we were close to being a tourney team last year. We obviously were not on anyone’s bubble. I do think we were going to be a tournament team next year with Allen, Jantunen, Carlson, Martinez, and Larsson starting. Seems like that starting 5 may not have been possible even if we kept Larry.

Optimist – well, he was recruited and played for LK. Thus, naturally, he would explore the transfer portal.

Pessimist – well, he just spent some time practicing with the team and got to know Smith better, but decided to explore transfer just now. Thus, Smith likely is not that great and it’s telling about the direction of the program.

Me – disappointing. Still, such is life. Irrespective of who the coach is and the players are, show me the results. :slight_smile:

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May as others noted have seen some of the newly acquired players and figured it could mean a drop in his playing time. Shucks (thinking of another word there)

Tristan Clark to SMU.

Pohto to Wichita State.