Texas and Oklahoma lobby SEC

I’m not sure I know what you mean. Why would anyone leave a P4 for the remnants of the Big12 when it’s not clear those remnants would even still be considered a P conference?


I don’t think they would leave to play in a conference that doesn’t have OU and Texas.


It seems to me the B12 would likely dissolve / lose P5 status. They fall apart without the 2 anchor schools.

It might set off a race between P12 and B12 to see who can get to 16 teams the quickest. We’d have a four school head start, but it would involve stretching geographically, and/or nursing along future schools. I think the Arizona schools would be nuts to go to the B12, personally.

Then again, depending on how the playoffs expand, we could stand pat, or pick off a couple of B12 schools, nurse along some potential western schools if 16 teams became a requirement sometime in the future.

Despite the playoff drought, there’s enough high end football in the PAC for it to surviveand we’re in it, boys and girls. Thank you again, Pacmas!

PAC might go after TTech (have a med school), maybe Kansas, possibly UH. I think Houston is a sleeping giant. 5th biggest city in the US, reputable academic school, enormous recruiting territory for us.

Long term thinking - I would hate the travel, but Hawai’i helps open up the doors for Asian TV markets. UNLV is moribund, but also just opened a med school, in a western market everyone & everything is getting into (even Intermountain Healthcare). Darkhorse of the darkhorses - SDSU

The new PAC commissioner needs to earn his money, do the homework… now.


Aint nobody making a run for Texas tech.

TTech, WVU, Iowa St, TCU, Okie St, Baylor, Kansas, Kansas St…not a looker in the bunch. These teams are in big trouble if this happens. I would think the likeliest scenario involves quick invites to AAC teams to try to remain viable as a power conference…maybe MWC/BYU too.

Thing is, most of these are good programs, but none of them move the needle in terms of expansion, media, money, geography etc.

I agree, actually. Kansas is a hoops powerhouse, otherwise nada.

PAC might be better off sticking in the 2 time zones we’re in, cultivating new members. Houston is still a sleeping giant, but they may not want to go to the NW. Too much geography, too little population… and water.

SEC would still rule & have multiple playoff teams, but unless there’s immense immediate pressure to get to 16, I think we’d be OK.

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I agree that it would kill the Big 12. Texas and Oklahoma ARE that league. There’s no way the 3 other P5’s would sit pat. They’d sweep in and take the best schools they could get from the remaining 8 Big 12 Schools. I think the Big Ten would take Iowa State and Kansas because they’re the only two AAU schools (a basic requirement to join the Big Ten). I think the Pac-12 would respond by taking Kansas State, Oklahoma State, Texas Tech, and… TCU! They’d want access to the gigantic Dallas-Fort Worth media market, plus K-State would give them access to the huge Kansas City media market. Oklahoma State would give them access to the mid-size OKC market, and Texas Tech would give them that second school in Texas for recruiting purposes. The ACC likely would take West Virginia, and the only one left would be Baylor, who could either join the ACC or AAC.

TCU and the Kansas schools would because TCU is in the Dallas-Fort Worth media market and the Kansas schools are in the Kansas City media market. Both are huge, and DFW is GIGANTIC.

I think I would take Baylor over Texas Tech. But I hope it doesn’t come to that. If the PAC goes to 16, we’d be playing those new additions and wouldn’t be playing some of the west coast schools.

Except I don’t think the Pac-12 would take a super conservative religious school in Baylor. Texas Tech also has better academics than Baylor does.

What? I have it on good report that byu-provo was in the mix, although not in the middle of things when the PAC last expanded.

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TCU is in the DFW area but doesn’t deliver the DFW market. Nobody would rush to pick up TCU. Kansas is the most desirable of the remaining 8 since they do somewhat deliver the KC market and they have basketball.

The pac 12 would have zero interest in any of these teams. Only if we had to grow to 16 would we consider it.

This could ultimately be seismic. Could see 32 teams form a super league. Could see sc, UCLA, Oregon, , uw jump down the road. Coupled with the ability of their players to make tons of NIL money, could be the end of traditional conferences eventually. The NFL model on the college level

Yes, that seems likelier to me than the pac 12 wanting to add the big 12 scraps. Funny, cuz if that happens, the SEC teams that vote for money now - Arkansas, Mississippi, South Carolina, etc - will end up on the outside looking in.

Maybe it’s inevitable in the end.

The Pac 12 easily could go to 16 with the Kansas schools Oklahoma State and a Texas school. I would lean toward TCU.

Bingo. Teams always say “Akron and Alabama aren’t in the same league in terms of football.” But, if we start getting rid of the G5 the bottom half of the P5s will become the new Akron and soon there will be zero need for them. FWIW, your SEC schools Ole Miss and Arkansas will be fine. It’s more likely USC, Missouri and Tennessee (all east schools) left outside looking in.

I just don’t see this happening with OU and TU.

A bunch of media people made their lists this spring of who should be included in a tier 1 league. A lot of teams would be left out in that scenario.

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, bro.

Ugh. I do not like this at all.

I don’t like it either. Seeing TU pull this secret crap is hardly a surprise. OU on the other hand disappoints me. The SEC leaving aTm out of the discussion isn’t a good look either. Can’t imaging Arkansas is too happy, but they’re in no position to really do much about it.

the sobering thing about this is that the USC’s, UCLA’s, UW’s and Oregon’s of the world aren’t going to stand by making $35 million a year while Vanderbilt, Illinois, Mississippi St and Maryland are 2-3 times that.

How soon before the PAC12 fractures?