Sugarhouse--what happened!?

You might be aware Spence Clark and his wife Jill Clark passed away last summer after a tragic car accident in central Utah. He was a friend of mine and will be missed.


We lamented 17 yrs ago when we couldn’t afford to buy into SH and found a home in Millcreek. But now, I kinda feel like MC is the new SH.
Easy access to downtown when needed, and the highways, hit Fassion Place or Costco in aJiffy etc… Great views of the mountains we play in. Not a ton of walking to restaurants, but hopefully the proposed Town Hall square will create some central hub opportunities.


At some point Keith O’Briens opened in the 5-Points Mall in Bountiful. I got many, many clothes there over the years.

I remember the Southeast Theater and Pehrson’s Hardware fondly. Also the Sprague Branch library. My Dad would take my brother and me there to read and check out books. Happy memories. It’s still there, better than ever.

My parents bought a lot of their furniture at the old Southeast Furniture, Granite Furniture, and Sterling furniture, in fact, I think other than Dunwoody’s, downtown, they probably bought all their furniture in sugarhouse. When my wife and I first got married we bought some furniture there as well as purchasing our first washer and drying at the Maytag store on 21st south just west of 11th East.

My in-laws, used to meet us for dinner frequently at the Pine Cone (which was where Salt Lake Pizza and Pasta is now).

There used to be a good Chinese restaurant where the Chipotle is now, don’t recall the name, and of course I remember the Southeast Theatre (had a girl ask me to meet her there for a movie in the mid seventies, when I was about 20, and was surprised to get there and find out we would be seeing “Last Tango In Paris”, good times…)

I went to Highland Highschool for one year, in 1971-72 and we used to sluff class in the morning occasionally and have coffee in a beautiful old cafe (with mahogany tables, chairs, counters, etc and white hexagonal tile floors). It was a beautiful old building, and great coffee. I don’t recall the name of the place, but it was in the building that used to be just north of 21st south, on 11th east, on the west side of the street. It was torn down, in the late 70’s and replaced with the Bank building that is on that corner now.

Until he retired a few years ago, I had been getting my haircut at Arlen’s Barber Shop, across 11th East from where Wild Oats is, since sometime in the late 70’s - I was still paying $13 per haircut until he retired :slight_smile:

And of course, as a Westminster Student in the late 70’s and early 80’s, I had a beer or two in the old Tap Room. and later as a University of Utah Student and Alum, I’ve had good food and drink, and watched a lot of away football at Fidler’s Elbow.


When I was little, we lived on18th e. and parleys canyon blvd. Our grandparents lived on 15th e. and Hubbard, so we drove past the prison site all the time. I have vivid memories of the prison wallsbefore the park was built.

Bought my first baseball glove—a Tom tresh Rawlings — at the original Steven’s & brown on the north side of 21st S. Guitar lessons at Jack’s drum shop on 11th. Saw lots of movies at the SE theater next to KOB.

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Stevens-Brown. I thought that was the coolest, most elegant sporting goods store ever. I’d forgotten about it until now.


5 cent saturday afternoon movies at the old Villa Theatre were a favorite.


We lived in Sugarhouse from 81-90. Our favorite places to eat (when we could afford to go out) were Hunan Gardens and Millies.

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the roiginal was on the north side of the street, in one of those little hole in the wall storefronts, before they went big time.

the kid who lived across the st (who is now a philosophy professor at NYU) and I used to go to Sprague on Saturday mornings and check out the baseball biographies, mostly written by Gene Schoor. And the Landmark history books. Anybody remember those?

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My wife and I would regularly hit Hunan Gardens before heading up to basketball games. I loved the mu shu pork.

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Their “house” fried rice was killer.

Was that Don?

Hunan Garden and Millie’s are both still good.

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I hit Millies occasionally.

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is the is the Hunan Garden on 21st and 21st? It is about to be torn down, along with Blue Plate and all the other buildings up past 22nd east. Whole ares is fenced off. New hourinsg devp going in.

Apparently Hunan Garden is going to be rebuilt as part of the new building. At least that is according to friends who live over by there.

Millies and hunan garden are super gross.