One of my biggest failures in life was not being born into the Eccles family :)

not to be out done the @LAUte foundation is rumored to be donating $110,000,001.00 to the Law School

We can talk about being in the PAC-12, or the contribution that Majerus or McBride or Urban Meyer made to get us to the next level, but the bottom line is we’d be nowhere without the Eccles and Huntsman families. And this is true for much of the state too. It is hard to go anywhere that hasn’t been built in large part of these families, particularly the Eccles.


and the Sorenson family

At a high school girls tennis tournament a few years ago, Spence Eccles came and stood next to me and asked me which one my daughter was. He watched her for a few minutes and then commented to me how well she played. Made my day. A genuinely nice man from my very limited interaction with him.


You know that was supposed to be confidential. Now that you’ve disclosed it I’ve withdrawn the gift. You’re going to be getting hate mail from the law school.