Of course it is Rudy and the Jazz

Gainseville to Houston - rough life. When I lived in Texas they used to say if Texas needed an enema, Houston is where they would insert it.

Actually though, I kind of like the myth that Utah is a horrible place to be. If I learned nothing else from the pandemic shutdown is that SLC has about twice as many people as it needs. The empty streets, the hikes where you don’t see anyone on the entire trail… so great.

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That is a truly great roast.

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Low key, I like Houston. It’s got zero central planning and the people are somewhat crazy but the cultures from around the world make it great for going out to eat.

Back to back 3-1 comebacks for the Nuggets. This playoff has been great.

Yeah. Good for them.

Now I wish the Clippers won. Denver looks gooooood

i’m guessing LA is breathing sighs of relief. LeBron didn’t want the scrutiny of a Kawhi vs LeBron match up. Denver has no one to handle LeBron, and Davis will be the first time in the playoffs Jokic has to go up against someone who can score. It’s a good match up for the Lakers.

LeBron wanted all of The smoke. Don’t act like James and the Lakers were afraid. Players do not back down from big games. The Clippers just flames out after talking junk all off season and in season.

This Miami Heat team is remarkable. They have 4 lottery picks, only 2 of them get any playtime time: Tyler Herro (13th pick) and Kelly Olynyk (13th). The other two are Meyers Leonard (11th pick) and Andre Iguodala (9th pick).

They feature 2 second round picks (Dragic, Crowder) and an undrafted FA (Robinson).

Neither of their two biggest stars were lottery picks: Butler (30th) and Adebayo (14th).

Their opponent, Boston, features Tatum (#3), Brown (#3 pick), Smart (#6), Walker (#9), and Kanter (#3). Hayward is hurt, but he was a #9 pick.

Bam Adebayo is a freak! His blocked shot in game one was crazy