NCAA Tournament

last night was a matchup of the best 3 pointing shooting and the best 2 point shooting teams this year in college basketball

Pretty clear which one you’d rather be

41.3% from Three is ridiculous. 46.8% the last three games is absolute insanity.

We all should have learned this from Steve Kerr. Simple math. 40% from 3 is like 60% from 2.


I need to look this up but Bill Zimmerman claimed that Mark Few’s Zags teams have underperformed (based on their seed) 14 of the last 17 years


Yup, which is why I said last night that Gonzaga should never be the #1 team in the nation until they prove otherwise.


Lol. Look who the preseason #1 is already:

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BSPN was/is similar with fUCLA in 2nd.

Gonzaga, UCLA 1-2 in Way-Too-Early Top 25 college basketball rankings for 2021-22 (

With a long missed three, the offense has a greater than 50% chance of getting the rebound because they’re facing the basket, they see which way the shot is off before defenders and the bounce off the rim is long enough that defensive position doesn’t matter. Mid range jumpers are almost always rebounded by the defense. Huge difference.

There’s really no reason to ever take a two point shot other than a dunk or layup.

This somehow wasn’t discovered until recently, by stats geeks rather than basketball coaches.

This is why I laugh when people say Majerus was a basketball savant. No. Majerus was really good at motivating.

I’m quite happy with both polls having a certain SEC school at #8 and also ranked ahead of UK.

With the portal full, and the cupboards bare, it’s all speculation right now.

This is pretty damn cool.


This is how you reward and keep a coach. Stellar results = 2 tear extension, bump in pay but not crazy.

It’d actually be nice to set that kind of precedent or even build it into contracts as an industry standard. Reach x metric and get an extension, don’t and your goose is cooked.

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