Lohner officially released

Enjoy Provo…

I feel bad for the kid.

Ain’t nothing to do now but beat him.


“We are obviously very disappointed in Caleb’s recent decision requesting a release from his NLI," Utes head coach Larry Krystkowiak said in a statement. “However, we will honor his wishes and turn our focus towards the motivated, talented and connected players and coaches that are committed to our program. We look forward to getting back on the court together this fall and return to prominence within the Pac-12.”

Oops. Larry released a statement. Somehow, some way, that’ll piss off the zoobs…


I guess I should wish him well, but I won’t. I will wish him the same as I do for every Zoob player. I hope he gets an education and loses every game.


He’s a kid, I get it, but I hope nobody feels compelled to wish him well. He did major damage to our program and what he did is simply not right, no other way to slice it. Not only was he potentially a central part of the team but we lost the opportunity to recruit someone else. It is a double hit and disgraceful of BYU for their tampering and for Lohner and his family.




Maybe we’ll get an upgrade from Lohner? How would that be?

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I’m not sure he’s an upgrade if he commits. Maybe he is a diamond in the rough.

I hope we get him just because we need more players.

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True - with this Lohner fiasco occurring so late in the year, we will be very lucky to find someone who we can add to the roster, who will have the skills to add significantly to the team. We are actually lucky in this case with the recent introduction of the transfer portal; before it, we would have had NO chance of finding anyone productive to fill the roster spot this late in the year.




Article in today’s SLTrib about Lohner’s release.

“Good luck proving it” just means tampering happened but there is nothing you can do. I hope Pope gets the best refs he’s ever seen all year this year:


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Puck Fope.

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He was on BYU Sports Nation today. This after total media radio silence and announcing his commitment on Friday night. LOL. Whoever is advising this kid knows what they are doing to control the narrative…and are teaching him to handle his business like a loser.