Just really great movies

I admire the Best Picture Oscar-Winner movies, art films, comedies, suspense and crime drama, and so forth. But sometimes I just like a great piece of entertainment. I was just now waiting for my wife to come home from the store, and watching a bit of The Fugitive, with Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones. I was reminded of what a great piece of entertainment that is. All OK? Share your thoughts about the movies you just love to watch because they’re such great movies. I call them “movie movies.” I don’t called these “films.”

I’ve been blessed with the gift of not being a harsh film critic. I like most films. But I believe The Fugitive won at least one Oscar Tommy Lee Jones, so feel free to call it a film!

It didn’t win best picture, so I don’t think so. To be a film it has to show up in an art house, be loved by all the critics, and preferably win the best picture or best director Oscar, but that’s not essential. Most of the unwashed masses don’t really understand or appreciate films. Most of us do appreciate a good movie movie.



Yes! Well worth the price of admission!

A short list of my “movie movies”.

Airplane (even though I can recite all the jokes as they come)
Defending your Life (I love Albert Brooks)
Most Tom Cruise movies (say what you will, but the guy is really good and knows how to entertain)


Movies I like to rewatch…

Both Deadpool’s

Blade Trilogy

Jesse Stone Series

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“The Princess Bride” is full of great moments. It was written by William Goldman as a send-up of “knights in shining armor” movies. Billy Crystal’s and Mandy Patinkin’s performances are classic. And everyone who jokingly uses the word “inconceivable!” has Wally Shawn in mind.

Then there’s “Airplane.”

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Young Frankenstein
Blazing Saddles
Dr Strangelove


My friends and I were talking about “Silver Linings Playbook” last night. Fantastic movie. Another movie that has been on my mind recently has been “Stand and Deliver”, even though I haven’t seen it in ages. Another one worth mentioning right now would be “Philadelphia”. And for all the cyclists on this board “Breaking Away”.

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Man I have always loved that movie.

“This is the best fettucine I’ve ever had!”

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Comic: Hi, how didya die?
Brooks: On stage, like you.

Brooks to Meryl Streep: You gonna eat the stick too?


I am going to throw in Dead Poet’s Society, All The Presidents Men, Chariots of Fire, To Kill a Mockingbird, and Hoosiers. With many, many more to come.

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I love every Wes Anderson movie.

This is one I watched a lot when I was a kid: Breaking Away


One of my all time favorites!

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All of the Tom Clancy novels with Alec Baldwin and Harrison Ford were well worth the price of admission. I think “Clear and Present Danger” is my favorite.

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Sarah Cooper’s most recent lip synch video had a brilliant shout out to Kaiser Söze. So I’m going with The Usual Suspects.


“Imma gonna give you nine pies!”

Defending Your Life is popular at our house at well.


Con Air is a good watch. Many, many funny parts and more than enough action scenes. Even good with Nicholas Cage in it.

I’ve always said the only Nic Cage movie worth watching is Raising Arizona. That is a true classic and even Nic Cage was great in that one.