Jazz make it 8 in a row

Overcoming the sixers blistering start to defeat the Sixers 134 to 123.

What a season for the Jazz. I haven’t really been able to see them play since they aren’t ever on national TV. I have a feeling they will be like last year’s Bucks - amazing regular season but not quite enough star power for the playoffs. It would be fun if I’m wrong though.

I enjoy this Jazz team, it’s nice to see D Favors back, he could provide a good lift in playoffs if Gobert does playoff-Gobert again.

I’ll be happy if Jazz make it to the finals, but if they don’t I’ll be humored by watching Jazz fans blame the refs.

They’re a load of fun to watch. Winning makes it easy to have fun, and you can tell they’re having a lot of fun. The coolest thing to watch is the unselfishness. One really gets a sense of focus on winning rather than individual stats with these guys. It’s refreshing.


Had great results against some of the best teams in the East. Now we have 3 out of 4 against teams from the City of Angels.

Feel bad for Jazz fans not from the local area as we don’t get the national TV like some of the other big name franchises do.

It’s getting annoying. Go Lakers! Lol

Any chance you followed the Colonels back in the ABA years BamaFanNKY? They had some great teams and the Utah Stars won a great 7-game series in the final against them when Dan Issel was just a rookie.

I was born and raised in Los Angeles. I was born in 1977 so my childhood was Showtime Lakers. My family moved me to Ketucky for last three years of HS. Then I went to college and married someone from here.

That being said I worked for the UK Radio Network during the Pitino and Tubby years. Got to meet Artis Gilmore and Dan Issel and heard those stories. I also live now next to WKU and got to know the Supersonics Big Jim McDaniel.

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Born in San Berdu, raised in Happy Valley. Used to listen to the LA teams play on a GE Super Radio on KFI. Grew up hearing Chick Hearn, Don Drysdale, and the Great Vin Scully. When we were lucky enough to get the Bay Area skip, we listened to Raider games,

The Jazz are the home team, but the “Lake Show” is the legacy.

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I can’t think of another great sports radio market than LA IN THE 1980s.

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