How will COVID-19 affect the 2020 football season?

Put it on the backburner. If we are actually very good and we go 4-0 and need more games to make a case for an NY6 bowl, then we schedule it. Then we’d have something to gain from it (making our case and eliminating theirs). Otherwise, there’s no incentive for us.

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Nah. Do be afraid of those people. They are paper tigers. If ASU can’t go, and if there isn’t another P12 game that week, schedule it. If we beat USC, we’d be a ranked team. Then when we’d beat BYU, we’d be a top 15, top 10 team. Then we’d have a couple of easy games left.

We’d hit December a top 10 team with a 4-0 record. Or a top 15 team with a 3-1 record. Beating BYU gets us recognition and a bigger bowl if we go 3-1 and if we are 4-0 we are then back in the playoff discussion with a shot at Oregon again.

We’d be CRAZY to NOT schedule this game. Like I said above, we’d put up 40 on BYU. No one puts up 40 vs us. We’d be favored going into the game, unless USC beats us by 3 TD’s. This is a no brainer.

If you can schedule a top 10 team that is not a good team, you do it and you beat them. And you become a top 10 team.

Well, that’s basically a less patient version of what I was saying. What if we lose to USC though? What if we start 0-3? Would you still see a point in scheduling that game? I wouldn’t.

Oh, and there are no “easy games left”.

If we start 0-3 then we have HUGE problems.

Let’s back up out of hypotheticals and look at our schedule:

Vs USC. We probably lose. 0-1.

Why would we lose that game? I’d like to hear why you think we’d lose that game.

I don’t know if we win or lose. I’m doing the risk analysis. If we win, great, it’s a bit of a bump. It’s mostly meaningless for us unless we are unbeaten. If we lose, we see our rival solidify their spot in a NY6 bowl, and we lose a winning streak. Not the end of the world, but also not something I’d like to see.

We have won 9 in a row, which bodes well for us. But we have also been wiped out by a pandemic, which bodes poorly.

Why do you think we’d lose the game? What does BYU do that makes you think, “hmmm, we could struggle with that”?

Final thought here: the Pac-12 should hold nonconference opponents to the same testing standards that we have in the conference. BYU has no standards or accountability in that arena, and the result was 9 positive cases at Boise State the week after their game.

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So no reason why we’d lose to BYU, just afraid we could potentially? Am I reading this correctly?

Now the Utah State Wyoming game was cancelled due to Covid19 spreading among the Aggie players.

There is no timing in the world that puts a non conference game on the 2020 schedule. That ship sailed!

The real question right now is if Utah should even play one game in 2020. Personally, I put playing right now in the “really bad idea” category.

Playing East Provo COVID Central High School is an even worse than really bad idea. Provo is a diseased Petrie Dish. Things are bad enough on their own here in Salt Lake. We don’t need their mutated strain being passed around.


I just done see much upside for us Sancho. We are a complete unknown with new personnel at key positions on both sides of the ball and they’re a good team who by now have worked out the kinks and look well oiled. I’d rather play some directional school this season as opposed to possibly launching them into some nutty playoff scenario. They still need that marquise win. A win for us means almost nothing.


Why are they a good team? No one will answer this for me. What have they done that shows they are good, let alone great?

They are 8-0, and every win except one has been a blowout. The competition is weak, but you don’t do what they’ve done unless you are a good team.

Great team? Maybe, they would need to play better competition to prove that.

Your general comtempt for BYU is appreciated, but your general contempt for G5 teams is misguided. There are good G5 teams every season.


Interesting read.

Paragraph one: Sure, they are good. I’ve said that 100 times. That doesn’t mean great, that doesn’t mean they will beat us, that doesn’t mean they will beat a good P5 team. They are a good G5 team.

Your third paragraph is irrelevent to this whole conversation so we can visit it in another thread if you want to.

You still haven’t give me a reason why you think BYU would beat Utah, unless you are saying they will beat Utah because they beat a lot of barely G5 teams by a lot of points and that somehow shows they will beat Utah.

I’ve given lots of reasons why Utah will win. Here are some more/a repeat of the reasons:

  • Zach Wilson hasn’t improved. He is never pressured, his deep balls are inaccurate (when he throws deep his recievers don’t catch the ball in stride, they have to go off course and catch the ball, most often falling down) and he never looks off his first read. His go to move is to get the snap, look one way for a 1-2 count then look back at his first read and watch them until they are open then throw.
  • Their skill players are not good. They would be by far the worst skill players Utah would see this year.
  • Their defense isn’t great. They aren’t fast. They aren’t big. They are meh.

We’d put up 40 points on BYU. With our OL, RB’s and TE’s and WR’s, we’d put up points. Could BYU get anywhere near 40 against our defense? Probably not. Unless Utah a minus three turnover rate vs them like USC had, it wouldn’t be close.

We are so much more talented than they were. Remember last year when we played USC, Oregon and Texas and they just had more talent than us? Our talent level relative to theirs is equal to BYU’s to ours.

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Nature is healing itself.


Is the game being played in 3 feet of snow and 70 mph winds? Good grief!

I really wanted Utah to make this list, but it was not to be. Here are the teams that are still undefeated (using Sagarin SOS and rankings):

  1. Alabama, 7-0, SOS 25
  2. Ohio State, 4-0, SOS 26
  3. Northwestern, 5-0, SOS 8
  4. Notre Dame, 8-0, SOS 66
  5. Oregon, 3-0, SOS 42
  6. BYU, 9-0, SOS 112
  7. Cincinatti, 8-0, SOS 91
  8. Washington, 2-0, SOS 73
  9. USC, 3-0, SOS 51
  10. Marshall, 7-0, SOS 130
  11. Coastal Carolina, 8-0, SOS 111
  12. Colorado, 2-0, SOS 37
  13. Western Michigan, 3-0, SOS 108
  14. Buffalo, 3-0, SOS 137
  15. San Jose State, 4-0, SOS 119
  16. Nevada, 5-0, SOS 126
  17. Kent State, 3-0, SOS 143

The best part about being 0-1 is the chance to go 1-1.