How will COVID-19 affect the 2020 football season?

I agree. What makes the NCAA b-ball tourney so much fun is the Cinderella stories - even though they very rarely make it to the Final Four - but those first and second weeks of the tournament are magical. And I honestly would love to watch a Boise St put it together and get to the championship game and upset some bluebloods.


Do they have any real competition this year though? Boise would probably be the closest, but they’re still an unknown.

It’s down to Boise. Otherwise, BYU goes undefeated. I was asking about what it takes for an independent to be considered for an NY6 bowl, but no one here seems to know (not surprising, since we aren’t an independent).

Isn’t SDSU on their schedule too? On that note - why isn’t SDSU one of the best sports colleges in the world?


It’s a commuter campus in a 2nd tier state system in a state with many historical sports powerhouses. I’m amazed SDSU ever competes in anything.

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Man, I do not agree. You are saying you are fine with a G5 getting wasted every year in hopes that every once in awhile a G5 wins a game then gets smoked by Alabama or Ohio St or Clemson?

I’d much rather see a team that has proved something on the field than a G5. Look at last year:

Champs: Oregon, LSU, Ohio St, Clemson, Oklahoma. Now we need three more: Georgia, Baylor, Wisconsin.

The next G5’s are Memphis and Boise St and App St. Who did they play that was a P5? 6-7 Florida St week 1. 4-8 Ole Miss, week 1. 6-6 North Carolina.

So, you’d make a team stay home who beat: Notre Dame, Florida, Auburn, Texas A&M, Baylor, TCU, Texas, Michigan, Michigan St, Nebraska, Minnesota, Stanford, Washington, USC, Utah…for one of those guys?

And who did those guys have to play, that the G5 didn’t? Auburn, Ohio St, Oklahoma, LSU, Utah…so we punish P5 teams for playing tough teams and reward G5 teams for playing nobody.

And I’d bet a lot of money that Georgia, Oregon, Wisconsin and Baylor would go undefeated with a G5 schedule. And Utah and probably 5-10 other teams.

G5 just don’t do enough to justify taking a spot away from another team to have them get whipped in a playoff game.

Yes, that’s what I’m saying. If all P5 conferences are represented in an 8 team playoff, I’d much rather see a 12-0 Boise get a shot than some 10-2 Michigan team that already got wiped out by Ohio State. Is watching Michigan lose to Ohio State again somehow more more exciting to you than watching Boise State lose to Ohio State?

I want as many fresh matchups as possible in a playoff, and I want as much fun as possible. Upsets are what give college athletics a lot of its flavor.

The history of BCS and NY6 bowls indicates that the best G5 team is usually a good match for the types of also-ran P5’s you are describing.


BYU deserves grudging credit for its PR machine. Regardless of how good they actually are, they always find a way to get themselves into the conversation. They build terrific Potemkin villages.


I’m not sure looking at results of a matchup between a team trying to prove it belongs vs a team who knows it belongs and is disappointed they didn’t make the playoffs/national championship game is a good indicator of how playoff matchups would go.

ducks and runs

I’d much rather see this:

#1 LSU vs #8 Wisconsin (new matchup)
#2 Ohio St vs #7 Baylor (new matchup)
#3 Clemson vs #6 Georgia (new matchup)
#4 Oklahoma vs #5 Oregon (new matchup)

Then to remove Wisconsin or Baylor…do you honestly believe that a Boise St/Memphis/App St vs LSU or Ohio St would be anything other than an absolute blowout? Burrows, Fields and Lawrence would put up Zach Wilson numbers vs those teams. JK Dobbins, Edwards-Helaire or Etinene vs those defenses?

Those games would just be UGLY 99% of the time. And what happens if Fields or Burrows gets hurt in a 56-14 blowout of Boise St? Ouch. What a waste.

I’d much rather see Wisconsin or Baylor actually have a shot to win the game then Boise St.

And what happens when Utah is that #7 or #8 team? We gonna let Utah get left out so Boise or App St or BYU or UCF can go to the playoffs with their big win over a team we beat 8+ times already?

No thanks.

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Ugh, Ute fans of all people shouldn’t use the “didn’t want to be there” defense.

The truth is, when given a chance, very good G5’s have done well. The 2004 Utah team would have won a playoff had there been one inclusive enough to invite us.

I’m not sure what is so glamorous about #1 LSU vs #8 Wisconsin that was 10-3 and coming off a convincing loss to Ohio State. I suppose if you’re into names, Wisconsin kinda has a tier 2 football name (and a reputation for losing big games).

Is it likely that a G5 rep would get crushed? Yes. Is it likely that the #8 team (in this case, an uninspiring Wisconsin team) would get crushed? Yes. They are both big underdogs. Give me the little guy with a chance to make history. Wisconsin had their chance and got wiped out.

Star for appropriate usage of Potemkin Village :slight_smile:


I don’t know if 2004 would have won a playoff game. We’d be slotted #4, and we’d face USC in the first round. The same USC team had Leinhart, Bush, White…that would have been a hell of a game. But you are talking about taking down one of the greatest teams with one of the greatest coaches…

I get that in Utah, the G5 is the cool kid. In the rest of the country, names drive ratings. I guarantee Wisconsin/LSU gets more eyes than Boise/LSU.

Man, again, do you feel the same with an 11-2 Utah being left out for a Boise St/App St/Memphis?

The simple reality is, if Utah is to make the playoffs, it is far more likey to happen as an 8 seed than a PAC-12 champ. That is just the reality of the situation. You can say “Utah needs to win the P12 then” but that ain’t reality.

Not when Utah recruits in the 30’s and UCLA, USC, UW, Oregon, Stanford, ASU all recruit in the 20’s.

So, let me rephrase, are you willing to have Utah sit out of the playoffs so your underdog can get a chance?

I’m not. We never got a chance as an underdog. I don’t want to give up our shot at a national title so App St or Boise can have theirs. Give me mine. We did the work. They didn’t. We played 10 P5 games and won 8-9. Why should G5 get in with one P5 win and Utah left out?

If it wasn’t for Utah and Urban, Boise never makes a BCS game. I’m tired of Utah doing the dirty work and other teams strolling in and getting all the credit.


byu-provo is too arrogant to go back to the MWC. Joining that conference would be in their best interests, but they have this sense of entitlement that defies logic.

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Watching ESPN this weekend and they talked about the BYU game and mentioned them as a G5 school - and then one guys said, “Yeah, they’re not exactly a G5, they’re kind of in between P5 and G5…” and the other guy laughed and said, “They’re G5…”

So, to their credit, in a strange way their independence has gotten them sort of out of the G5 label among some. But nobody is considering them an outright P5 school.


Simple solution, a 16 team playoff with conference champions getting automatic bids. All p5 and g5 conferences would participate and there are at large bids for deserving non champions. A committee would seat the teams and at the end you would have a true champion just like the basketball tourney. It would make tons of money.

This is what I propose Everytime this is brought up. Every conference champ gets a bid. Use rankings to seed the tourney. First round (maybe 2) games are at the higher seeds home stadium.


Again, I am firmly against this. Why should the Sun Belt Champ get in and a 10 win P5 school be left out, when the Sun Belt team would not get a win in a P5 conference?

This is why the P5 needs to break off. You can’t compare a G5 to a P5 team. There is such a wide gap in talent, money, resources, etc.

And to try to compare the two with rankings and letting a G5 into a big bowl when a P5 team has done 8-10 times the work…it’s not fair.

The simpliest solution is to have the P5 break off.


The Alabama-Georgia game averaged 9.6 million viewers Saturday and peaked at 12.046 million, CBS Sports reports. So apparently College football is good for TV.

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