How will COVID-19 affect the 2020 football season?

Didn’t watch…didn’t care…got my lawn mowed and first iteration of leaf cleanup done.

Spent the evening binge watching NCIS.

I watch, and I care. It’s just obvious the sport is missing a lot without the Pac-12 and Big10.

The SEC is great football, but Alabama being clear favorites year after year gets old. The ACC is terrible except for Clemson. Who wants to see Clemson beating a conference rival 70-10 each week? The Big12 is a mess…again.

If nothing else, the Pac-12 and Big10 would add a dozen games each week, which increases the odds of having a good game on at any given time. The Pac-12 adds evening games, which is great. Last night, there was no other game to change to once Bama/Georgia got out of hand after the back to back interceptions. The Pac-12 is the only P5 with anything resembling parity, so it’s exciting to see what happens. There’s more intrigue.

Having cute little teams like Coastal Carolina or BYU in the top 25 is a novelty for now, but football really isn’t the same without the West and Midwest.


Except for the fact, Alabama wasn’t the SEC team to win the National Title last year. I get that but the Big 10 being back doesn’t add anything for me. There has only been Ohio State being relevant in terms of National Champion since 1997. At least with the Pac 12 SC and Oregon have been in the title game in this century. Same with the Big XII with Texas and OU. The SEC has given us Auburn, Alabama, LSU, Florida and Georgia. The ACC has had FSU, Miami and Clemson. The last 20 years from the Big 1G has been all about one team.

For the record, I hate Tennessee first. Ohio State Second. Notre Dame third and then Auburn.

I totally get hating Alabama. Our fans are the worst. Mainly, because there are so many now that were not sitting next to me in the Rose Bowl when UCLA was kicking our ass and when we were on probation. I hate frontrunners.

Side Note: Not sure BYU is just a cute story. They look like a top 25 team this season. Don’t kill me for that.

I don’t hate Alabama. I respect them. But they are a boring football story, and, more often than not, they lead to boring football games. This is not their fault. Alabama is just too good. You have Bama and Clemson in Tier 1 of college football right now. No other team is with them there.

Anyway, the point is that I’ve noticed how much college football misses the Pac-12 and the Big10. I think most fans of college football (not just fans of one particular team) agree with me.


BYU is a crazy story this season. They went from another certain 6-6 or 7-5 season to wondering if they would have a season at all to being mocked for putting together a horrible schedule to riding high as they beat up on said schedule. People are listing Wilson on Heisman lists, and some media yahoo back east is saying they belong in the playoff. (If UCF did not belong in the playoff after going 12-0 against a decent schedule, there is no way BYU belongs with the schedule they have.)

There is one moral: the best way for BYU to be relevant nationally as an independent is to schedule as poorly as they can. They’ve been trying so hard for the past 5 years to get P5 teams on their schedule, and that scheduling philosophy has done nothing for them. If they want to be ranked/noticed/talked about, they need to schedule down in a major way. Unbeaten against horrible competition will always get more eyeballs than 7-5 vs good competition.

ESPN gives BYU a 50% chance to finish unbeaten (with basically all of the 50% risk coming from the Boise State game). Only one other team has a higher probability of finishing undefeated - Clemson. I don’t know the rules for independents in NY6 games. Can BYU get into one? Maybe one of you losers who frequents Cougarboard knows.


I don’t think I’m alone in this, but I’m having a difficult time enjoying any sports. I’m having a very hard time getting into it. Maybe that will change a little bit once Utah starts playing, but my passion for sports is down significantly.

If I’m being honest this year has taken a toll on me. My psyche is cratering. I’m struggling at work. I have household projects and yard stuff that I’ve started and haven’t finished. Sports just isn’t the outlet it once was. I miss having it occupy my mind for several hours each week. I hope I can get it back.


This is so true. Do more people here frequent cougarboard, or cougarstadium? I wish more folks would post on, drop by and tell Mike Waters hello.

I’m certain I will not be visiting any of them.

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I have been the same but during the Alabama games I do find myself enjoying it. I am just waiting for it all to go sideways over the next 4 weeks.

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Definitely not just you. I’m feeling much the same.

I can’t generate much interest in sports overall, and I don’t see that changing a ton. Even when Utah starts playing

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I’m also in the same boat. We will see if I get a boost from U of U football but usually I start to care about the Jazz in the playoffs and I couldn’t get into he NBA at all this year.


Holy ■■■■ man/woman. I feel ya. I have been sitting here all day with so much to do and I can’t.

Ugh. What a year.


So the Halloween lights and decorations are up.

Ok, the Halloween lights double as Christmas lights. Until this year, they usually went up at the end of August for football season, too.


BYU is doing what they should do against the competition they have, and so I think by definition deserve to be ranked. I do believe that they will crumble if faced with real competition though. They should look good against the competition.

I watched the second half of the Houston game, Houston couldn’t keep from tripping over themselves even though they were up at one point by two scores. Terrible punts, penalties, not playing to the down markers… it was a comedy of errors. They had a guy who had been ejected last game come in the second half and just act like a battering ram with his helmet. There were at least two targeting calls missed before he was finally ejected after about ten minutes of play.

So off those mistakes BYU turned it around. The margin of victory was bigger because of a largely meaningless TD at the end.

Again, they did it… and a W is a W, but watching other teams out there, I think BYU is a paper tiger.


I think so as well. There is a lot of buzz about Wilson being a first round NFL draft choice next year, and maybe he will be, but I think it would be a John Beck/Max Hall scenario all over again. He won’t make it against NFL talent.

I don’t think many people doubt that. I’m saying they should always schedule this way. It’s working out really well for them.


I agree, in fact they should do the Boise St model of rejoining the MWC, beating up on bad teams all season and then slipping in occasionally to some big bowls and surprising unprepared P5s. I actually think if BYU did that they’d be ranked nearly every year.

Of course that means the insufferable fans that have been mostly tamped down for the past number of years would return - which is really the main part of what I don’t like about BYU.


I think that would be pretty good for them, but I think being independent with a really bad schedule would be even better. The MWC would not be a cake walk for them. Boise, USU, AFA, CSU, Wyo, FSU, SDSU are collectively an order of magnitude tougher than what BYU is playing this season.

One thing we agree on: they are going nowhere fast with an independent schedule consisting of 6-7 truly awful teams and 5-6 pretty good teams. That’s a recipe for mediocrity for them.

I agree with you…BUT I also think this is another reason why the P5 needs to break off. Or exclude the G5 from the rankings. A G5 team won’t make the playoffs, so why the dog and pony show?

And I don’t agree with the “we were G5 once, we should let the G5 in now” people. We were never allowed in. We went undefeated twice and played for how many national titles? So why would I want a G5 team to steal a spot from Utah because Utah ended with one or two losses and Boise St or BYU or UCF played a 6-6 Pittsburg as their only P5 game? Nah.

The P5 needs to break off, they can still play G5 and FCS teams like they do now, but they need to be in their own sphere. The money isn’t anywhere near equal, the talent isn’t anywhere near equal, the facitlities, the caliber of University, etc.

Then have a playoff, P5 only, with 8 teams.

I disagree. G5 over P5 upsets are part of what makes college football fun. A G5 spot in an 8 team playoff would be great because every once in a while, you’d see an historic upset.

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