How will COVID-19 affect the 2020 football season?

We’re in the Big XII y’all!

“ Ole Miss and Alabama combined for 1,370 yards. That is the most between SEC teams in conference history.

There have only been three games between SEC teams that had more points than tonight’s Alabama-Ole Miss game. They each went seven overtimes.”

Anyone want our Defensive Coordinator?


Alabama’s Nick Saban wonders if Ole Miss knew defense’s signals

I watched the post game. That was a complimentary statement about Ole Miss being prepared to play us. Lane is mid 40s and already has a coaching tenure of a 65 year old. The guy failed hard early. I think he’s learned from his past. I low key really like him and Pruitt at Tennessee as former assistants that could replace Nick.

First SEC game postponed due to Covid: Vanderbilt's road game against Missouri postponed due to COVID-19 concerns, rescheduled for Dec. 12 -

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■■■■ is hitting the fan.

But, but,… Mullen wants to the fill the stadium. College (and high school) sports during a pandemic is dumb.


Ehhh… Not sure I buy it. Something like that would never happen in Florida… …


If having a suspect Defense is a symptom of COVID then they need to go check out Alabama’s team. We caught it something fierce this past Saturday.


Such a blessing Alabama’s defense couldn’t tackle this weekend or the Offense couldn’t be tackled. Probably saved Alabama from a Covid outbreak. Ole Miss Football Team Dealing with COVID-19 Outbreak, Lane Kiffin Says | Bleacher Report | Latest News, Videos and Highlights

The LSU v Florida game has been postponed due to COVID.

You gotta think Ole Miss v Arkansas is next. That will mean 3 of 7 are postponed.

I will be (pleasantly) surprised if the Utes get to play this year.

And now Coach Nick Saban and Alabama AD have Covid:

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Today shows how much we need the Big10 and Pac12 back. There’s only one game between top 25 teams all day.

Who won the only top 25 matchup game today?

The pac12 and big10 won, because we’ve all seen how dull college football is without them.


Lol. Can’t wait for that Nebraska Ohio State tilt next week, eh?

Was there football on this weekend? I had to wash my hair