How will COVID-19 affect the 2020 football season?

Riskier than the current (and future) CTE legal actions?

Good point. I suspect those lawsuits will be more remote, and perhaps fewer and farther between, than the Covid-19 lawsuits would be.

This whole college football vis a vis covid19 is the perfect example of a prisoner’s dilemma.

Also, maybe we can do this safely with the daily antigen testing…maybe.

Just for reference Nick Saban announces that Alabama players just switched from three tests a week to daily. My only thing is schools like the one where I live (Western Kentucky University) already struggle financially being a FBS. Adding daily testing has to be affordable.

Now the mountain west, which followed the Big10 and Pac12, also needs to figure out how to backtrack on their decision.

I hope everyone is healthy and nothing bad happens. I really want to be wrong this time.

It seems to me the B1G and the PAC-12 have been reasonably consistent on trying to protect players.

By now every single player is aware of myocarditis and other long term complications of Covid. They’re 20 year olds, so if they’re not taking things seriously, the daily testing will be the stick that keeps them from high risk behavior that threatens to not just knock them out of the lineup in a very abbreviated season, but may hurt their team. Just going through all the cardio tests while your teammates are practicing sounds like anguish.

For Utah fans who relish the folly & reaction of our neighbors in Utah County, the elevated testing standard and delayed start translate into Utah being able to schedule and play games, against teams with the same standards.

Army dissing BYU via Twitter, looking for a “Covid negative school with similar values”, combined with real college football showing up later, ie, “us”, will be the latest insult for the school wandering in the wilderness.

Looking at what’s left of BYU’s patch work quilt of a season, expect more postponements & cancellations.

"Woo-hoo, we got Lousiana Tech now!"

Well, Louisiana Tech ain’t following a rigorous testing program & a vow to seriously look in depth and track cardio health. Which may put the onus onto BYU’s notoriously checkered medical support for football. (Play LTech and Western KY at your own risk, or have more egg on the face for the absurd schedule.)

Odds are greater the Utes & PAC-12 will be able to start & finish a PAC-12 season without it being a circus. We’ll see if crowds are allowed, but MLB has led the way in showing sports can happen with rigorous testing, and let TV bring the game to fans.

Sometimes it pays to be cautious.


If I were BYU, I wouldn’t look down on La Tech. The last three years (2018 was the year they signed Wilson, Romney and the rest of the core of their team) La Tech has recruited better than BYU has. On average, the average La Tech player is rated 82.53 vs 81.95 for BYU. And their overall class rating for La Tech is 159.91 vs 158.59 for BYU. The last three years the recruiting rankings have been:

2020: #79 La Tech, #81 BYU
2019: #82 La Tech, #83 BYU
2018: #77 La Tech, #78 BYU

These are two very, very evenly matched teams, talent wise. I’m not sure Kalani is a better coach than Holtz, who has a lot of success down there in Louisiana.

Houston-Baylor game cancelled/post-poned.

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So I guess we’re all going to be stupid together.


If this goes fully pear-shape, the days of colleges operating football as the NFL farm system may get ended due to the lawsuits and other liability issues.

Big 10 jumps into fray October 24th

Big 10

Watching the Ga Tech- UCF game. Lots of folks in the stands not wearing masks or not wearing them correctly. I suspect that some folks will get infected because of this, but it will be difficult to say that it happened at the game.

Hopefully by the time we play we’ll know the risks.

I thought the fans who were pulling their masks down so they could scream loudly at the refs (which would potentially spread the most droplets) was a particularly facepalm-worthy moment.


I’m curious, are you going to watch Alabama’s games?

Stanford is the worst.

I agree with Stanford’s main point about the hypocrisy.

It does seem unfair that football gets the okay to play, but women’s volleyball can’t, or that a Stanford student can’t attend an in person chemistry lab. I understand that without Stanford football there isn’t a Stanford women’s volleyball team, but I like that someone is standing up to athletics.


Just heard (second hand) of a North Sevier football player testing positive and the kid sitting next to him in seminary is now under quarantine but nobody on the football team is. Ridiculous.

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I asked myself that this morning. I saw a hype video and it was the least hyped I have been. I am a former Republican so I don’t mind contradicting myself and being a hypocrite and watching. I just am not amped. I will watch the first quarter but if my reaction is like the other games I have watched partially I don’t see myself sticking around.

Something demoralizing seeing fans pull down masks to yell at refs.