Hoops vs Cal in the Hunty

the excuse from Larry tonight was 4 games in one week. I suppose there is something to that, It may explain why they were so flat in the 2nd half.

I guess that’s better than blaming Hugo Chavez and scoreboard software


I don’t know. Fire some people. Shut down a few other sports or departments. Go further into debt. If we care about basketball, we figure it out.

Calling for the coach to be fired after every loss is a pretty immature reaction. I didn’t watch the game, but I’d imagine if I broke it down I’d find several things that could be improved upon other than coaching.

How did Rylan Jones play?

I remembered the game, but my wife and daughter wanted to watch a home improvement show instead. I could have easily stood up and walked down a flight of stairs and watched it, but opted instead to watch the home improvement show with them.

For the record, I really don’t like home improvement shows not named “This Old House.”

It wasn’t meant as an intentional protest, but pretty much tells you how I feel about Utah Basketball.

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Not to hijack the thread, but I really like most home improvement shows. In the past, I really liked “Hometime”. I also liked “Yardcrashers” and other landscaping shows. One that I like now is “Hometown”

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Fan frustration isn’t a great place for a program to be, but it at least shows people care about the outcome.

Larry’s ineptitude has shot this program past that into complete apathy, which is a far more harmful state.

He’s gotta go, but it seems that the school can’t afford to do it. Crappy spot to be in, for sure.

As bad as the Ute’s lethargic play was, Walton made the game unwatchable for me. He just won’t shut up and is annoying beyond belief. And, OK, the Pac 12 is allegedly the conference of champions, we get it, after a hundred consecutive mentions. I eventually turned the sound off and watched (and listened) to the football game on my IPad. Loved him as a player but just can’t take him as an announcer.

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Larry’s hit his ceiling. It’s as simple as that.

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Krystkowiak was then asked about his team’s effort, at which point he took umbrage with the line of questioning that was unfolding.

Utah just played four games in eight days, the byproduct of the Pac-12 tweaking the schedule after its Jan. 6 game vs. Oregon State getting postponed with the Beavers having COVID-19 trouble. Of the four, Oregon and Colorado are among the class of the Pac-12, with Stanford not far behind. That unquestionably qualifies as a gauntlet.

“Not to make an excuse, but we just played four games in a week,” Krystkowiak said. “That doesn’t happen very often in college basketball. If there were a few shots that came up short, or maybe we didn’t quite have it, I’d maybe like to chalk it up to having a hell of a challenge ahead of us.”

Krystkowiak ended that defense by saying there aren’t too many teams that played four games from Saturday to Saturday.

OK, but for what it’s worth, Colorado just played four games in 10 days, including an impromptu trip to Utah, and won them all. Among those four wins were Oregon and Stanford.

In any case, Krystkowiak going with the four-games-in-eight-days defense is a tough sell. If the Utes were not in position to win those three games, one could maybe lean on the scheduling quirk, but that doesn’t play given the fact they led both Oregon and Colorado by 10, and Cal by 12 at halftime, then coughed up all three leads as part of losses.

I didn’t watch or listen, was busy doing odd jobs around the house and, well, i guess, i just really wasn’t very interested. My son reported they were up 15 late in the first half and I was pleased they were winning.

He mentioned later they had lost by 9 to a 1 and 6 Cal team missing their best player. I was disappointed but frankly not surprised.

This team is underachieving and the program is in a dismal place. They need to, but can’t afford to, fire Krystkowiak. He is clearly NOT recruiting and coaching at a level to maintain this program at any sort of acceptable level, given our history and the expectations of the long time supporters.

I’ve continued to say for the last 16 months, that I would give him until the end of this year to convince me to continue supporting the program and buying season tickets. And I intend to do so. I even had expectations that LK WOULD succeed. But the reality is that I’ve become so apathetic, that for all practical purposes, I’ve already given up.

It is now impossible for the program to accomplish anything this year that would change my mind.

There will be some very nice seats, center court, 15 rows back, available at the end of this year for season tickets. They’ll be available for the first time in decades.

I suspect they will still be available 3, 4, or 5 years from now when we change coaches, and begin rebuilding the program.

If the hire is good enough, I’ll plan to attempt to reacquire them. That is, unless the last 3-4 years, and the next 3-5 years, have turned my attitude to permanent apathy…

Utah Basketball has been my primary sporting interest, since I started attending games with my father and grandfather in the fieldhouse, as a child in the mid-sixties. This is sad…


If LK makes nearly $4 million, and you start a new coach at $2 million, that is $ 4 million of a buyout right there. If the buyout goes down to $6 mil after this year, that may be doable.


I agree with @sancho. Harlan has to find a way.

Is this a humble brag? I’ve had two kids play D1 athletics so I know first hand the work these kids put in for our entertainment. Maybe for that reason I can’t turn my back on them or the program, and pray I never get to the point of apathy. I get the argument: if we support a bad product we’ll continue to get a bad product. Fair enough. But because of our student athletes I just can’t get there with you.


Love the kids, and manifest that in my purchase of season tickets and Crimson Club membership. I just have a hard time watching poorly coached basketball. It’s too frustrating for me, and I already have enough frustrations to deal with every day and week.


I’m watching the replay of the game, Larry is right, we ran out of gas.

Our conditioning is not what it should be and I suspect it may be due to long term effects of Covid which I believe infected most of the team if rumors are true.

Everyone is doing the best they can given the circumstances. We should be happy just to be able to watch some basketball. A lot of us have been able to avoid Covid by working from home. The players and coaches did not have that option.


As many of you who knew me over at ub5 (utahsmrsports) know, I was a big time larry supporter. I defended his record against transfers. I pointed to big moments with a young core and assumed everyone would take a step forward of at least some size. But it’s time.

Since Larry is signed through 2023, next year is not technically the lame duck year that no one ever seems to see. Barring a miraculous run, the tournament is out the window this year. What would Larry have to do in 2021-2022 to earn an extension? It kinda makes me laugh thinking of it.

A salary reduction isn’t going to be on the table. Why not just start the new era now instead of waiting a year?


We should give Larry another year for the same reason we didn’t fire Kyle for only winning two games this season.

I agree it is time for a change, but I have a hard time with a buyout when the athletic department has furloughed people without pay & has also had to let go/dismiss/fire other people from their staff.

The buyout is $3M a year–so no way do it mid season. Before Monson wrote his column–I never read Monson, but did this time–so much for never–I thought he would get 1 more year to save another $3M. But my wife who loves Larry’s family read it & said it was fair & factual.
So maybe this is his last year.

Nothing short of Final Four run should extend his contract. I don’t care if he gets in the tournament next year (it is pretty much off the table this year) and the year after that. The pattern of mediocrity is set, and it seems that he loses the team each year and then we have mass transfers. He and his staff obviously have hit a ceiling with no shot of breaking through it. Because of finances we may need to run out his contract, and maybe him not getting an extension will piss him off enough to look elsewhere and solve the problem for us.

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Absolutely. Otherwise, just let his contract run out.