Hoops tonight vs Oregon

Jauntunen is challenging Chris Reyes for most missed uncontested layups.

We’re so weak in the final minutes.

Close loss to ranked team. This is the story of the Larry K era.

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Maybe I’m setting myself up for a :-1: , but I don’t hate this team. Would t mind a big banger from the transfer total though.

I don’t hate this team either, but I do hate losing like this.

me either, but i hate the results

There is a worse feeling than hate: apathy. That is where I am. Just don’t care about U bb anymore.

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I don’t mind the players (though Carlson has been a massive massive disappointment). I like the players, but our coach is not good enough to get guys that are under sized, and less athletic than their competition to play well enough to win games that matter.

We’ve got a bunch of tweeners and a center that thinks he’s a shooting guard (which is mind boggling considering he was actually pretty fearless in the post last year, dunking over a bunch of guys).

I would love for the Utes to for once recruit a guy who is strong enough/big enough/athletic enough to finish at the rim through contact on a drive. I thought timmy was that guy, but he isn’t.

This team is full of fatally flawed players that as a result should be nothing more than role players. Carlson could have been a star if he didn’t spend the offseason actively trying to forget how to play basketball. Jones is too slow and too short to be a star. Plummer is too weak and too small. Allen is too slow, not athletic enough in general, and has one of the worst shooting strokes I’ve ever seen. Mikki is solid fundamentally but somehow seemingly can’t dunk even on wide open fast breaks.

Larsson and Martinez could be stars. Both seemingly have the size and athleticism to do so.

If Carlson doesn’t put on some weight this offseason and re-learn how to be nasty in the post, he needs to find a new team to play for. What a waste of tremendous potential.

I’m not there. I care. I loved the first half, and I got my hopes up.

College basketball is a dying sport, and I intend to stick it out until the bitter end.


and all of these flaws are 100% on our coach. He finds the semi-highly rated guys who are able to hide their flaws in high school (even though it’s pretty obvious they won’t succeed in college) in order to make his rankings look good, then he acts surprised when most of them are huge disappointments on the court.

CBB really is terrible. I love it, but it is awful to watch if I’m being honest. Truly awful.

LOL, he’s got a long way to go before he gets there. That guy missed like three or four a game. He was the worst.

2-18 against the Ducks since 2011

yeah, makes you wonder what Chris Hill thinks when he recalls having the opportunity to hire Altman, but decided to pass, as Altman was too demanding. (At least, I understand that was what happened…)

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Same here. Tonight I didn’t tune in until the second half, and I watched in apathy as they blew a lead and fell apart in the last five minutes again. I expected it to happen, I didn’t really care, and I was not the least bit surprised. Even when they seemed to be showing signs of life, I didn’t expect them to win and was confident they would not. In fact, I was kind of eager for the game to end so I could move on to an Amazon series I wanted to keep watching. My wife was pretty surprised, because I’ve never been like that. It’s sad, but that’s where I am.

Oh-oh. Oregon hoops placed on hold. Covid problems. Their games this weekend vs AZ and ASU cancelled.