Guilty Pleasure 80s Music and the Subsequent Cringeworthy Videos

Something about this quarantine has me listening to music from my childhood. Of course I’ve then turned to see what sort of goofy videos they made. So I dedicate this thread to that. What is your guilty pleasure 80s music and its goofy video?

Just don’t dive too deep…


Oh boy

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One of my many pubescent crushes. Tennille.
Not the guy with the hat…

Quite possibly the most cringeworthy of the bad 80s music videos. Air keyboards anyone?

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Speaking of which - how about some air drums while wearing a shirt with your own band’s name on it?

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Not real but this one is gold.


Excellent choice.

My greatest musical “guilty pleasure” band is Men Without Hats. I absolutely adore these guys.

This video might be peak 80’s cheese/insanity. And yes…I can sing along with every. damn. word.


Red star for “…yes…I can sing along with every. damn. word.”

How about “Rock Me Tonight” by Billy Squier. Decent song, but the video made me cringe and look away.

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Ahh, so many but will have to go with Simply Irresistible by the always debonair Robert Palmer -
Robert Palmer - Simply Irresistible (Official Video) - YouTube


Ahhh. I miss hedonism.

I gotta go with the blatantly and intentionally cringeworthy stuff. I mean like Dr. Demento level. I could post Weird Al, but that’s too easy.