Got a letter from the U today regarding future season tickets

Probably to find people willing to donate more and move to the south. I.e. upgrade.

Because, as a STH, they want “to provide you with an update” and you’ll get a priority window to buy seats in the South EZ before the general public.

They certainly could have written the letter more clearly…

They could have done things differently.

They could have not jacked the prices up for those of us in the south endzone knowing full well we’re being forced to take inferior seats in 2 years.

And those seats will cost more, despite being far worse seats.

The U has chosen to cater to business and casual fans with deep pockets at the expense of loyal fans. 36 years of showing up even during terrible season after terrible season should mean something. In any part of the stadium (and it hasn’t meant something in years. They treat us like an annoyance everytime we need to contact our ticket rep)


I don’t really see what price increases in past seasons have to do with the letter that is the subject of this thread. I agree they are pricing people out of the stadium.

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if read the bullet points st the bottom it says something to the effect of new stadium seating policy. I’m skeptical it’s for the south endzone only

In that same line (if I’m looking at the right one), it says that one of the ways to get priority is to be a current season ticket holder.

It’s expensive to be in the PAC-12, and they are going to use every method they can raise revenue until people stop cooperating. I’m not urging people to do so, just stating what I think we can expect from the new administration.

Seems like they are following through with what was indicated in the stadium expansion survey a couple of years back. It was all about getting people to pay more. It’s sad that U Athletics has such a short-sighted, arrogant attitude toward their customers.

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I’d love to know how much $ these changes will yield. I wonder if it’s really worth the cost in fan disaffection.


It’s expensive to be in the PAC-12, yes it is however you’d think they’d look at what happened around the country with declining attendance. They will get to a point where people can longer afford it or want to pay it.
They lost a fair number of basketball fans when they started jacking the price up Is they are offering mini plans and all sorts of other incentives to get fans back.

They didn’t listen to me about my concerns until I didn’t renew last season. Then they were tripping over themselves to ask what was wrong etc. after being ignored for two years I decided I’d had enough They think they have a waiting list of X number of people willing to cough up the 30K allegedly needed for the buy in. Guest we’ll find out
Candidly they’ve taken some to the fun out of it for me. I’ve had others tell me similar things

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I shot an email to Scott Kull who sent out the letter seeking clarification on what this all means. I’ll let people know how he responds.


Good because I haven’t received a reply. I’m expecting the worst. If the increase isn’t huge I will renew. If it exceeds mine and my friends thresh hold then we won’t. We’ve no desire to move seats we’ve had since 1987

I got a response from Scott Kull, it was as I suspected and this only applies to ticket sales in the south end zone. So if you have tickets anywhere else in the stadium you will not be reseated (and to be honest you’d have to seriously question how stupid they would be to do that - it would be a logistical and PR nightmare). So rest easy. Here is how he responded:

Thank you for your email. We are not reseating the stadium, we are simply selling the new seats in the Ken Garff Performance Zone (SEZ). Anyone, currently sitting in the SEZ will have high priority to select seating options in the new Ken Garff Performance Zone. I hope this helps. Thank you so much for your continued support. Please let me know if you have additional questions.


Left unsaid is that they aren’t going to reseat you, just raise the donation price.

That’s been true for a long time now though.

Looking at this from not a fan perspective but from a business and marketing perspective - you actually do want a little bit of churn in your renewable product and right now Utah has almost none. So, again from a strictly business perspective, the fiscally responsible thing to do is to continue to raise those prices until you get an acceptable rate of turnover. My guess in college sports is that ideal churn is probably somewhere around 10%. So expect prices to keep going up until you reach that point.

Now from a fan perspective that really stinks and it is becoming increasingly difficult to justify the purchase of tickets when with that revenue you could buy an incredible TV and over time build the ultimate man cave.

But for now, those concerned that they were going to lose their seats to the highest bidder or whatever else can relax a bit. We do have a bit of a, “I’ve been begging you to fix the SEZ for years now, and now that you are doing it I don’t want it” factor going on though.


Agreed. Right now I think there is a lot of demand out there. I’ve had several people I know ask me to call them if we want to sell our tickets, people I wouldn’t have thought to approach. The market is there, and I agree we need the inventory to accomodate that. it’s why I probably would have gone slightly larger with the expansion. I also would look at the feasibility of adding additional luxury seating in the future. The movement of businesses out of California is likely to accelerate in the future and one of the destinations is Utah, increasing the upper echelons of customer.

Along those lines, I’m curious the percentage of seats at Jazz games are owned by businesses? I know very few straight up season ticket holders, but I know a lot of people who have that as a company perk. I really hope that doesn’t happen at the U, but it is a very likely eventuality.

I used to have season Jazz tickets (that were shared with a group), season Utah basketball tickets and season Utah football tickets. As prices rose I slowly divested until at this point I only have football tickets.

I don’t think that’s the case.

They’re not “fixing” the south endzone, they’re changing it into something, and it’s at the expense of a lot of very loyal fans, many since it was built.

We are glad they’re upgrading the facilities, as someone who worked in the stadium on a daily basis it’s long overdue. It’s unfortunate they’re not giving those currently there more options.

The “high priority” line is pure PR. You can give all the priority you want, but when you don’t provide a comparable product at a comparable price, does it really matter what priority you give?


Ken Garf Performance Zone

Good god. N23 will soon be the Trails Real and Spectacular Zone. West side chairs will be Depends Active Again Zone.

I’m not thinking about this aspect of things anymore… just looking forward to a great game on Saturday.