Good Stuff on Netflix, etc

I’m also the only one in my family who is a Dickens fan, so while poking Amazon Prime around alone I recently found a version of “Martin Chuzzlewit” from the mid 90s. It’s worth watching because Paul Scofield, one of the greatest actors of the last hundred years, plays the lead role.

1 Grammy away from an EGOT.

I read those books when I was a kid. I’ll have to check it out.

Stanley Tucci’s food tour of Italy on CNN is pretty good, but don’t watch it hungry


The books are wonderful.

At the risk of this turning into R&P, this documentary looks very interesting.


Looking forward to watching that. More details about it from an interview of the director, Jared Hess (of Napoleon Dynamite fame) is here:

I went to high school with Kathleen Sheet’s kids - we knew each other but I wasn’t close to any of them. My dad’s business partner rendered aid to Mark Hoffman when he set off the bomb in his own car, it happened not far from their office at the time. I remember my mom warning us not to pick up any packages as our whole neighborhood (and likely the whole city) was terrified this was a serial killer on the loose. Weird times.


A YouTube channel called Gospel Tangents has the best Mark Hoffman interviews I’ve seen.

The guy who does Gospel Tangents would be a good addition to the religious discussions on this board.

Shannon is a friend of mine and a neighbor. He is a fascinating guy to talk to, very well read and a great memory. He is also a Ute.

Would Shannon like to have a beer with me?

I am fascinated by the forgeries and how Hofmann was able to get people not to question how he was able to stumble upon so many undiscovered documents.

Looks good but not really that interested in the story as an outsider.

I got a screener for this one coming Friday: