Good Stuff on Netflix, etc

Yesterday I “Netflix and illed” the Holy Grail and Iliza Shlesinger “War Paint.”

After the day 4 fun in the post-earthquake world, I really needed a laugh.

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Watched Kingdom, a Netflix’s Korean Zombie series. Pretty good. Also concur with The Boys and The Umbrella Academy. I thought Locke & Key was also pretty entertaining.

Surprised nobody has mentioned The Marvelous Mrs. Maizel. That show has been great. We burned through season three’s episodes in about two weeks.


Watching Rocky IV - dude has no defense.

Glad we had him to heal our two countries.

What? Who hates Baldwin? That show is nothing without him. Funny how many recent sitcoms fit that mold - Baldwin in 30 Rock, Offerman in Parks and Rec, Danson in The Good Place.

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There was a former frequent UF.N poster who refused to watch 30 Rock because he hated Alec Baldwin’s politics. There are a lot of actors that I wish wouldn’t think what they have to say is all that relevant, but I won’t deprive myself of enjoying good art over it.

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Love that. “Have I told you about the 13 Jews from Germany?”

Berlin Babylon! Highest budget TV series ever, and it’s outstanding. It’s in German with subtitles, so that’ll turn some viewers away, but it’s really a great show. They just released another season, which I haven’t watched. Set in 1930s Berlin, with great attention to detail.

I would love a monumentally thirty for thirty about how rocky ended the Cold War.

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This is a weird one for me. The over the top acting by the kids would irritate me to no end normally, and a little Eugene Levy goes a long way. For some reason, though, it works for me. That, and Catherine O’Hara always seems to pull her weight.

Yeah, never understood that. I really don’t care about the individuals involved in a show or movie, with one exception; if they’ve obviously gotten off the hook for highly illegal behavior. Roman Polanski immediately comes to mind. The way so many in Hollywood have continued to support him boggles the mind. It’s gotten to the point where I wish I could write off all of them off, but there are so many that I’d have to stop watching movies altogether.