For my friend LA Ute

Good luck to them! They’ll need less luck now that they won’t have to play the Dodgers. The Dodgers are also lucky, in that they won’t need to worry about another epic post-season collapse!

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Pretty sure what the did last night was epic in it’s own right :wink:


Ryan M. Spaeder

Two relief pitchers during the [#postseason

Clayton Kershaw tonight:
Batters faced - 3
Home runs allowed - 2

Mariano Rivera career:
Batters faced - 527
Home runs allowed - 2

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Simply brutal game in Atlanta, with many fans not getting to their seats until it was essentially over. Sort of like when fans standing in the beer line missed the entire fight when Tyson was getting first round KOs.

Well, I love nothing more than a game at Chavez Ravine and watching the boys in blue. There will be other seasons — although I wonder what Kershaw’s future looks like. He may need to slip quietly out of town. Meanwhile, fans of other franchises who hate the Dodgers (a franchise that hasn’t won a World Series in 41 years — an odd subject for anyone’s hatred) are enjoying this. Have fun, guys, we’ll be back! [EDIT: It’s 31 years, not 41. Typo!]

Need to check your math. It was 31 years. Last series win was 1988 against the A’s.

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Never will forget Gibson’s homer and subsequent limp around the bases in 88.

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Thanks, math was fine, I typo‘d the year. I was thinking 31, not 41, and I remember that Series well.