Fine, I will step in as PAC 12 Commissioner (taking too long)

Why is this such a hard decision?

There are a lot of messes to be cleaned up left by Larry Scott including getting out of one of the most expensive leases where Pac-12 offices are, fixing the TV deal and cleaning up staff and correcting salaries out of whack. Probably not a lot who want that job.

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  1. There’s no hurry.
  2. 12 college presidents is not a great search committee.
  3. A lot of people in sports media have big public lists of what is needed in this hire. The result is that any strong candidate with original ideas is criticized, while lifers like Oliver Luck are championed. Oliver Luck will do fine, but he’s not very exciting. Maybe a boring insider is what the conference needs for a few years.

All true but the longer it takes (like filling a coaching vacancy) the worse the job looks. Even if that perception isn’t reality.