End of Season predictions 2020

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This is with ASU beating USC and losing to Oregon and Utah. If USC wins that game vs ASU in Tempe then Utah has to beat Washington or plan on USC losing to Cal or Colorado.


California now losing to ASU, USC and Stanford
USC picked up a win over Cal but now losing to ASU
Colorado is now favored to win over UCLA…just barely (pickem)


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Cool predictions. It’s hard to see Utah as an 8 pt. dog to Washington. I’m certain that if it plays out as predicted that margin will shrink when Utah goes to washington with a 7-1 record and having just beat ASU and Cal.

As hard as it is to see Utah as a 8pt. dog its is just as good to see USU favored by 13 over tds.

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I predict Utah finishes 13-1. All out red goggles. GO UTES!!!

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Oregon now favored over Washington by -3
Cal now with the slight 1/2 point favorite over USC
Stanford beat Washington
Oregon State beat UCLA
Arizona beat Colorado
Utah State now +2.5 vs Boise State


Utah movement on their week off

At Oregon St moved from -17.5 to -12
vs Arizona St moved from -7 to -6
vs California moved from -9.5 to -8
at Washington moved from +7.5 to +5
vs UCLA moved from -16 to -18
at Arizona moved from -9 to -6
vs Colorado moved from -13 to -15

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USC is back to being a slight favorite over Cal
Stanford is now a -4 favorite over Washington St
Utah State now +1 vs Air Force and +7 vs Boise State
BYU dropped their game yesterday they were favored in.


I now have Utah -4 at Washington to finish 11-1
UCLA picked up 3 wins (Stanford, Colorado and Cal)
Wazzu now favored over Cal and Stanford
USC now favored -1 over ASU
I still have Oregon -8 beating USC in 2 weeks.

Utah remaining games
-20 vs Cal
-4 at Washington
-22 vs UCLA
-17 at Arizona
-26 vs Colorado

USC remaining games
-14 at Colorado
+8 vs Oregon
-1 at Arizona State
-7.5 at Cal
-14.5 vs UCLA

Oregon and ASU are Utah’s best hopes to have Utah win the south.

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My top 32 teams (Pac12 and all in-state opponents)