Bronco breaks the streak and wins the Coastal

and apparently he lived in a van down by the river (okay an RV)


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I don’t like seeing Bronco succeed for the sake of Bronco. I do derive some enjoyment from it given how certain elements of the BYU fan base treated him horribly and helped to push him out because they did not understand how good of a coach he was and they believed that BYU was an under-performing powerhouse; to the contrary, it is a mediocre program that was over-performing under Bronco.


Personally, I thought Frank Arnold was the most ungracious coach. But admittedly it’s a pretty low bar.

Oh I think Crowton had him beat there.

I’m happy to see him winning because a) it shows how bad the ACC is and b) It shows what a dumpster fire BYU is.

Over-performing how? They had exactly 0 wins vs top 25 P5 programs in Bronco’s years with BYU as an independent. They beat bad teams and lost to good teams. They went to bad bowl games. The only thing that’s changed is that BYU beat good teams and lost to bad teams this season.

I was thinking football. Arnold is the all-time prize winner, with Roger Reid a very close second.

Crowton was just hapless and goofy. Didn’t even handle the BYU fans well.

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Crowton killed the old coaches round table because he wouldn’t drive to Salt Lake and insisted they do it in Provo.

Didn’t he cry after they lost games?

Yes, 2004 when we beat them 55-21 and headed to the BCS. It was rich to hear his fans call RUTS on Urban.

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Wasn’t he running around like a 5-year old making airplane noises after a “living right off the field” miracle finish?


“…making airplane noises…”


LOL! Airplane noises! That is rich! There is no doubt that the guy was a total ass while HC at the Zoo. I appreciated the break up between Roscoe and TDS which lead to what appears to be something resembling a change in him. I wish him the best in his future endeavors, as long as they don’t include BYU. We don’t need to be hung up on the person we thought he was. I just care about who he is now.

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