Best restaurants in SLC?

A bucket of chicken from KFC was a huge treat for us when I was growing up. Nowadays if I even look at one I gain 2 pounds that I have to work off the next day.


It’s not worth it anymore. They are not Even trying.

Much of this comes from the lack of quality service in this part of NC. But the only times we go out is because I don’t want to cook. Around here I can think of a small handful of individuals who can cook better than me, and no restaurant as a whole.

When we travel, usually for officiating now, we like to try the mom and pop places where ever we are. Although a Waffle House breakfast is always enjoyable, food’s not great but I like the experience at WH.

There were a lot of great places to eat in the triangle when I lived in NC. And it was fun to try the famous pulled pork spots that dot the state.

Triangle is a bit out of our way for just dinner. Yes, it has good food. We’ve been a few places in the Triangle, but there’s always been a reason to be there besides food. We’re east of I-95, between Rocky Mount and Wilson. Even Greenville isn’t worth a drive unless there’s a reason to be there.

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Most of my visits to Waffle House have been on Ute Bowl Game trips with my father. We ate there on 2 different trips to bowls in Tucson. (Once against Drew Bledsoe and Wazzou, another time against Wisconsin). Then on a more successful trip when we traveled to Memphis for the Liberty Bowl against Southern Miss.

Good hash browns

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I enjoy sitting at the counter so I can watch. Don’t ask, I just enjoy watching the process.

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that is most of the fun of WH. That and trying to figure out what to put on your hashbrowns


@UteBrave Thanks for the recommendation for Hell’s Backbone Grill in Boulder and El Diablo (actually just reopened this summer as Hunt & Gather with a new Chef)!

At Hell’s Backbone, had the biscuits, deviled eggs, and meatloaf and the wife got the braised beef. It was delish. Very fresh and a great setting.

At Hunt & Gather, we got the Cheese & Chacuterie board, duck, and Utah Schnitzel (actually a huge Utah shaped hunk of pork - very tasty). I think this was their last weekend for the season.

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My wife and I went back there last weekend. We ate there two nights in a row. It was as excellent as it was a few months ago, the first time we went there. They said all the fruits and veggies they served came from their farm in Boulder.

That’s good news about Hunt & Gather. I’ll try that next time I head down there.

Edit: I purchased both of the cookbooks published by Hell’s Backbone Grill so I hope to work thru them this winter.