Bentley Does Not Suck

I watched that play again and that has to be the issue. We had a lot of guys on our right side of the field and the punt was left of the left hash mark. Probably why Lennon was kicking himself pretty good after the play. He knew he screwed up.

Something Bentley said after the game epitomizes why he’s a good leader, was voted a captain.

“So, what?.. then what?” - some phrase he uses internally.

Adversity happens. How do you respond? That in a nutshell is the psychology of sports, from little league baseball up through the pros. Resilience.

Bentley has it. Ty Jordan has it (response after fumble). Phillips, Llloyd, plenty of other guys. If you don’t have that in your QB, you’re in trouble.


I like Bentley actually while his deficiencies up until now are glaring. But - which doesn’t negate what I just said - he is in a new system in a somewhat strange state among new players and scheme that is not his historic wheelhouse. New receivers in snow country with whom he is still learning to trust and utilize. Also, an OL that is more like a sieve makes the world’s best QB look like dog water. And I like the best the way Bentley does that Houdini escape move. Just sweet. I like his jazz dot. He spoke in the post game show on ESPN700, pure class, pure leader. So I like the guy and think once he adjusts, he will be a very good QB for Utah.


I like the same things about him. I hope he succeeds.


Is there any doubt at this point?

Oh, who really cares now? This is his last game as a Ute. Maybe he has enough fight to go out a winner.

I caught some hell for saying this last week. He’s so not good.

Isn’t he coming back next year? He doesn’t lose any eligibility for this season.

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That’s true. Sorry, I forgot. It’s probably a bad sign if he sees the field for us next season, though.

He may have a year of eligibility left, but with Rising coming back (I hope), and I believe Utah will try to secure another grad or senior transfer, I’m not sure Bentley will see much action. Costelli will be green, so I don’t see the competition there. Justice Cooper is the Lake Oswego (OR) 2* QB, and Utah has the QB from Milford, Utah as a walk on too. Then, will Lisk stay?

I was yelling at the TV that the Utes needed to raise Lisk to their shoulders and carry him off of the field at the end of the game.

Starting true freshmen at QB is no longer unusual. In fact, it’s often necessary to hold onto them.

Zach Wilson is going to transfer to Utah to hopefully up his draft stock. You heard it here first.

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He’ll make a tremendous LB.


That’s funny.

Will the poster that claimed Bentley was a better QB than Wilson own up to it (forget who made the claim)— and this was an argument made late in the season.

I’m definitely not making excuses for Bentley as many of his miscues were bad reads and mental errors but one thing I did notice and ran back on the DVR to confirm. At the 9:00 mark of the first quarter FS1 showed a sideline shot. You can see a Utah trainer bandaging Bentley’s throwing hand. He has had a really nasty cut on that hand for the past couple of weeks. I wonder if it was aggravated or reinjured in the first quarter.

That being said, I am truly thankful & grateful that Britain Covey is still alive tonight. By the way, for my more religious than I friends, can you be thankful without being grateful? And can you be grateful without being thankful or do you have to be both? If the latter is the situation, do you have to be equally thankful and grateful or can you be really thankful but just a little bit grateful? Or vice-versa?


With all the gratitude I can muster I thank you for raising this interesting set of questions.


Yeah Bentley was leaving his WRs out to get slaughtered… it was pretty brutal to watch. It isn’t a great way to encourage your WRs lay themselves out for that big catch.

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I don’t even do that to computerized receivers in video games because it makes me cringe when they get wrecked.

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I haven’t read the rest, but yes he ■■■■■■■ does.