Basketball End of Season Prediction

Pre-Season top 17

Going to see the Utes for the first time tomorrow evening, but from what I’ve heard and read, I’ll TAKE your predictions.

OMG - how I wish the fat man was still here!!!

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Looks like we’re going to exceed expectations again! 8th instead of 9th!


rick’s post game shows were epic. He imparted so many thoughts dhring those shows and it was very apparent he cared about the players

Okay… my prediction is 23 wins and a trip to the dance

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His post game interviews were one of the most enjoyable portions of the entire Rick Majerus experience. I would virtually RUN to my car after games, to be able to turn on the radio and listen as I drove home.
They were “stream of consciousness” statements, in which he could, and often did, recall every minute detail of the game, while either relaxing from a nice win, or talking himself off the ledge following a rare loss. In either case, there was wit, circumspection, evaluation, planning, and usually some really funny attacks on the local media, for their post game questions. His brutal treatment of Monson, and particularly Kinihan, were some of the best entertainment I’ve ever experience in sports media.

God Bless you Fat Man. We miss you here in Utah. My son’s girlfriend who attended St. Louis, while Rick was there, confirms that the entire community there misses him as well.


Bob Green is a great alternative to Rick Majerus


The season will end, some guys will leave, some guys will sign LOI’s.

I was into IHC yesterday and asked if I would be able to drive after my procedure. Nurse asked why and I mentioned the first BB game. Turns out she was caring for Rick near the end, loved the guy and mentioned he went to St Lewis for BB but never left SLC for his healthcare. She seamed to think he was quite fond of SLC. Could not drive myself and had to watch game 1 on TV…

However, I don’t miss his describing stopping off at his favorite deli for an exquisite tongue sandwich.

I’ll take 16 wins and 9-9 in conference right now.

Crazy how a solid road win and a 94 point win can jump you in the computer rankings.

Utah shot from 253rd to 38th in the composite computer rankings


I’m calling my shot right now, I think we finish 5th in conf, with 20 wins, and make it to round of 8 in the NIT. I bet our conf record is very similar to last year (11-7), but our non-conf record is much better. Last year we were under .500 out of conference (6-7). But our SOS out of conference won’t be great unless we can get a decent win out of the Myrtle Beach tourney. I think we lose to Them and maybe TDS, not sure if they are any good this year. Outside of that, it’s a pretty cupcake schedule so it’s not gonna help us if we are only around 11 to 12 wins in PAC12 play.

[edit] Just looked at TDS’s schedule so far, they almost lost to Southern Utah, and did lose to SDSU, although not badly. Let me retract and say I think we beat them. Especially since it’s at the Hunty this year.