2020 Basketball Efficiency Thread

Quick survey of appearances in your Top 25:

Timmy Allen 11
Rylan Jones 7
Riley Battin 4
Mikael Jantunen 4
Both Gach 2
Matt Van Komen 1
Brenden Carlson 1

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I’ve been telling my wife and nephew for weeks that Micki should be getting more minutes.

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Utah 77 Cal 72 (Utah won 60-45)


Timmy Allen with his 8th 20 PER game
Much better job on turnovers and 50% from the field, can’t ask for more than that

Battin had an off night but Utah didn’t really need him
Jantunen played a season high 23 minutes and put up a 12 PER, hopefully he will blossom into a stable 20 minute and 12 PER a night guy.

Cal had 5 season lows for a Utah opponent
16 made shots (avg 26.3)
11 attempts from 3 (avg 21.3 att)
7 assists (13.1 avg)
3 steals (Utah allows 6.3)
45 points (Utah avg is 69.4 allowed)

Utah on the other hand had a season high in fouls (20) and season low for offensive rebounds (3)
That wouldn’t be so bad if they shot well but they only shot 45.3% which was still above their average (44.8%). This game was won on defense. 10 steals, 4 blocks and 17 forced turnovers. Nothing fancy or noteworthy, just got the job done as a team. +7 on steals for Utah.

4 season lows combined for a Utah game
8 made shots from 3 (14.6 avg)
29 attempts from 3 (43.0 avg)
105 points (141.8 avg)
119 efficiency (158.0 avg)

Nevertheless, Utah won a game they needed to win.

Next up, a tough road trip to Oregon.

Oregon State 94 Utah 52 (Beavers won 70-51)


Both Gach are back.

Carlson is really getting consistent but he benefited from all the attention on Jones and Allen.
Rylan had his worst game of the season. 5 turnovers, 1/5 shooting, the word is out on him.
The first OSU game Rylan was 4/7 from three, 14 points and a PER of 19 and only 2 turnovers for his 5th best game of the season.

Oregon St had a season high 79.2% of made shots were assisted on. 19 assists 24 makes. Utah typically allows 51.0% of made shots to be off an assist.
Utah had a season low in points 51 and free throw shooting 50% 8/16. The 61 possessions was also a season low for Utah. OSU was 93% from the line 14/15

Difference in the game:
OSU +5 made shots (+10 points)
OSU +6 made FTs (+6 points)
OSU +3 made three point (+3 points)

Oregon State dominated the Utes with great defense and passing. Tinkle got this one on K.

Next up…The Mighty Ducks


The +6 are already worked into the made shots.

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Oregon 103 Utah 64 (Oregon won 80-62)


Carlson continues his great play. 18 PER was his 2nd best performance of the season (Stanford 27)
Since the Washington St game Branden has gone 31/50 62% (season avg 57.9%)

Richardson destroyed the Utes. 5th best performance of the season for a Utah opponent.
7/8 shooting 4/4 from deep 6 rebounds and 6 assists only 2 TO
Utah has yet to have a player reach the 30 PER. 4 players have done it against Utah, Richardson was close.

Oregon had a season high 69.2% effective field goal shooting. (Utah allows 49.8%)
Utah did have a season low 9 fouls but that was mostly because they couldn’t slow the Ducks down.
57.7% shooting from Oregon.
Utah’s possessions are slowly trending less and less.
73.3 possessions average per game over the first 9 games
64.9 possessions average per game over the last 9 games
60 possessions vs Oregon was a season low.
That just tells me defenses are getting better as the season goes.

38 combined defensive rebounds was a season low for a Utah game (avg 50.3)
25 personal fouls was also a season low (avg 34.7 - Utah 9 Oregon 16)
120 possessions was a season low (avg 136.8)

Difference in the game:
Oregon +8 made shots (+16 points)
Utah +4 made FTs (-4 points)
Oregon +6 made three point (+6 points)

Next up…The LA schools come to Utah

Jantunen is almost leading the team in PER for 40 minutes


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I don’t know how you don’t look at this and start Rylan, Mikael, Carlson, Allen, and Battin. It’s the best shot. Timmy and Riley need to be better, but get them on the floor with the players that are playing the best, and hopefully it sparks something.

As you said, Free Jantunen!!!

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I would love to see some graphs of player efficiency. I’m curious how clearly it shows players that are improving vs steady vs in decline. I really like Efficiency as a statistic, as for the most part it gives you a pretty objective measure of whether the player is productive as compared to another player despite their different roles. Usually it matches the eye test, but sometimes (and Miki is often in this category) if someone is just quietly efficient, grabs rebounds when they are there, cleans up the bunnies, takes care of the ball, they end up having a big impact on that game that can go unnoticed.

Scary that Timmy, Riley, and Both combined for 11 of our 13 turnovers. Might be mean to say, but when Plummer starts jacking them up, and shooting 1/4, his shots feel like turnovers. I was really hoping that he would be a Bibbins type, but he is not. Jax and Lahat also had really forgettable nights. Just not enough fire power on this team to get over.

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UCLA 76 Utah 55 (UCLA won 69-58)


Timmy Allen played all 40 minutes for the 4th time this season, this was his worst game of those.

UCLA length and athleticism seemed to throw Utah off again. This is a team Utah does not match up well against. Losing by a combing 27 points between the two games. UCLA is the only team in conference to get more free throw attempts than Utah. Typically Utah is +7 on FT attempts over their opponents but vs UCLA Utah is -16 (-8 per game) in the two games

Utah actually forced a lot of turnovers on UCLA, mostly at the end when Utah was fighting back. 19 turnovers and 2:7 possessions which was a season best for Utah.

Utah only made 3 three pointers 3/12 25%, season low was Washington 3/24, when Utah is cold, they are icebergs. 24 rebounds vs UCLA tied a season low (Colorado). Utah is 4-6 when they are out-rebounded, 10-6 when they win the rebounding battle.

Utah had 0 blocks for the first time this season. They have 1 block against UCLA all season. Average 3 per game. UCLA has 6 blocks vs Utah on the season.

Difference in the game:
UCLA +3 made shots (+6 points)
UCLA +2 made FTs (+2 points)
UCLA +3 made three point (+3 points)

Next up…USC on Sunday

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Game 13 was the first Pac12 Conference game



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Thank you for that! Very interesting. Not sure what I make of it yet. Miki’s looks good as I figured it would, Battin’s looked better on the whole than I thought, but I was right to send out the APB last week, because last three games, he gone. Carlson last 10 games has been off the hook (excepting game 23). Both Gach… ug he needs to figure something out, he has been invisible since game 14.

FYI game 23 was the Cal game Utah won

How about the Puerto Rican Sensation? Can you add the Fonz?