2020 Basketball Efficiency Thread

FYI, I plan on putting my 2020 Efficiency stats over here this year, as well as UB5.

Anything you’d like to see this year please let me know and I’ll try to work it into my reports.

For those unfamiliar, efficiency is (PTS+REB+AST+STL+BLK) minus (MISSED SHOTS + TURNOVERS)


Utah 88-80 efficiency (79-70 win)



Not a lot to compare to yet but Utah had season highs and season lows in everything.

Some key stats to look at, Utah took 9 less shots but teams were equal in makes.
Utah was +7 on turnovers and -6 on assists
2.83 assist to turnover by Nevada blew away Utah 0.85 ast/to (11 ast – 13 TO). That must improve

If Utah cleans up the turnovers 1/6 possessions was a turnover
Lucky for them, Nevada only shot 41% from the field.

Next up Mississippi Valley State. I predict a 40+ blowout

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Utah 216 Mississippi Valley State 22 (Utah 143-49)



I’m contemplating not even including these stats into the season averages just because of how skewed it all was

Nobody played over 25 minutes, the two guys who played 23+ minutes got triple doubles.

There were some negatives in this game. Mississippi Valley State had 8 offensive rebounds, 9 steals, 6 blocks and only 16 fouls. They also had 93 possessions.

170 combined shots and 238 combined efficiency might blow the doors off the record books.

The best stat of the day? Timmy Allen 8/8 from the free throw line. He was 7/14 vs Nevada. Brings his average up to 68.2%

Not much else to say except Utah covered.

Minnesota next Friday. Current numbers say Utah +8 in that game, maybe that win over Nevada will help. Minnesota plays Oklahoma today and at Butler on Tuesday. They might be tired going into JHMC.

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When the opposition rolls over and quits at the tip-off, the stats mean nothing. Those ware nothing but an outlier for the history books. The next game will be the tell.

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Utah 88 Minnesota 74 (Utah won 73-69)


FYI, the far left column is the season ranking

Oturo had a great game and really did everything he could to help Minnesota get back in the game.

Honestly, every stat said Minnesota was poised to win this game except two categories, points and shooting %

Utah shot 53.2% vs Minnesota 35.1%
18.1% better from the field is usually good enough for a 20 point win, Utah won by 4
Minnesota took 27 more shots than Utah did…27!
Unfortunately for them they only made 1 more.

Utah was +11 FTM / +12 FTA and one stat to note early in the season. Utah doesn’t foul.
Utah has committed less fouls in every game
Nevada +13
Minnesota +5
This translates to more free throws and Utah.
Utah opponents average 5 FTM and 9 FTA per game
Utah free throw average 16.7 FTM and 24.0 FTA (Nevada was a huge discrepancy)

Minnesota shot and kept shooting, they were +12 on the offensive boards which is the one reason they kept this close. Minnesota collected 35.4% of all offensive rebound opportunities. That’s way too high.
Minnesota was -11 on turnovers, which was due to being +9 on steals. Offensive boards, and steals kept Minnesota in the game. After the 16-0 start we all thought it was over, but not Minnesota.

This was the slowest game of the season, only 136 possessions (185 in the MSVST game). 142 combined points was a season low, ahem Utah scored more 143 in their previous game.

The only season high Utah garnered was 6 block shots. 3 by Carlson, 2 by Allen and 1 Gach.
Utah was a bit lucky to pull this game out but the huge positive is this young team found a way to dig deep and fight out a win. That experience goes a long ways.

Next up… the Myrtle Beach Invitational

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Coastal Carolina 93 Utah 50 (CCU won 79-57)


Gach did not have a good game. 2/11 and 0/5 from three puts him at a -3 efficiency
Nobody really had a good game…unless you’re a Chanticleer fan.

#3, #4 and #5 performances against Utah all came in tonight’s game. Those 3 players Dibba, Jones and Brewton beat the entire Utah team. Brewton went 6/9 from deep.

Utah allowed 29 made shots (avg 26.0 allowed). 10/16 from the free throw line were both season highs for Utah opponent. 29 defensive boards and 41 total rebounds, also season highs. Utah gave up 6 blocks, 45.3% from the field and 45.8% from deep. All season highs. One good thing is Coastal Carolina had a season low 41.4% assists per shot, that just means guys were creating and scoring, winning one on ones.

Utah had a season low 19 shots made (57 made shots vs MSVST) and only 5 made three point shots. Utah had a season low of 28 defensive rebounds and only 9 assists. Avg 39 defensive rebounds and 18.3 assists. Only 1 block (season low), 57 points (season low 88.0 avg) 50 efficiency (season low 110.5 avg). 33.3% shooting (season low), 17.9% from deep (season low) 56% free throws (season low) and only 67 possessions (season low). Needless to say, this game was a season low.

Utah was +4 on offensive boards and +3 total rebounds but that’s mostly because they were -12% shooting (season low). CCU was +28% better from deep. That’s huge. +6 from three pointers made is 18 points. Couple that with -3 possessions and +4 turnovers and Utah just lost this game all over the place. I blame this on a long road trip and a very young team.

The teams did combine for a season high 28 offensive rebounds (season high). Everything else was pretty slow. 136 points, 121 shots, 21 assists, and 39.7% combined shooting were all season lows.

Not much else to say other than Utah showed their inexperience. Hopefully this game sticks in their memory of how not to play going ahead.

Next up…Ohio. The Bobcats have lost 2 in a row vs ranked teams and they weren’t even close. They are 3-2 overall with 3 snooze games to open the season. Utah should be favored in the -10 to -14 range.