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    Interesting article. Part of which talks about Joe Williams. (+10)
    by ironman1315
    You can thank the tds and this state's wussy state legislature for no nightlife. Warriors preferred the Clippers: 'There's no nightlife in Utah' (+5)
    by UtesMuss1
    I feel bad for the guy. (+5)
    by Chad Sexington
    Only the ones that would rather not fight for playing time and then not get drafted (Langi). (+4)
    by Ute2004
    RE: Jazz win the series. And in 4 games the jazz will likely be out. But great season team. (+3)
    by pics
    That and an inexplicable burning desire to be around others that are forced to conform to BYU grooming standard. (+3)
    by Ute Bear
    And now he sports some kind of dyed reddish Mohawk. (+2)
    by Red Don
    Well, they do have that online-thing going for them. (+2)
    by Red Don
    Do they figure they won't be able to improve enough to play in the NFL but they can make their church proud? Is that one of the reasons against choosing Utah? (+2)
    by mokus
    Also, don't forget that Travis Wilson signed with the Rams as a TE in the off season (+1)
    by cald22well
    Don't recall seeing this posted, but if it was, my apologies: (+1)
    by 480ute
    PAC 12 winners and losers in the NFL draft. (+1)
    by 3UteDad
    In retrospect, "the decision" was the right one. (+1)
    by MinnesotaUte
    Some short classic bits to put a smile on your damn ugly faces! (+1)
    by Flyer
    Wait, Ian is here next month? How did I not know this?? "Secret Language of Birds" is one of my all-time favorite albums. EDIT: It's sold out. :( (+1)
    by SkinyUte
    Recent Topics:
    Warriors rooted for the Clippers because Salt Lake lacks nightlife. How dare they say...yes they're correct
    by The Thrill
    (37 minutes ago)
    PAC 12 winners and losers in the NFL draft.
    by 3UteDad
    (40 minutes ago)
    Don't recall seeing this posted, but if it was, my apologies:
    by 480ute
    (73 minutes ago)
    I think we will get blown out twice by the Warriors and lose two heartbreakers. Please convince me im wrong.
    by Tacoma Ute
    (86 minutes ago)
    Also, don't by any zephyr hats in any capacity. Their hats suck royal eggs. Stick to New Era, Under Armour, Nike, Top of the World, any brand than zephyr.
    by UtesMuss1
    (102 minutes ago)
    You can thank the tds and this state's wussy state legislature for no nightlife. Warriors preferred the Clippers: 'There's no nightlife in Utah'
    by UtesMuss1
    (109 minutes ago)
    Undrafted Free Agent Signings
    by cald22well
    (112 minutes ago)
    I'm glad Joe Williams was drafted higher than Jamaal Williams. The salt from tds was delicious. tds fans lost their collective $hit when it happened.
    by UtesMuss1
    (162 minutes ago)
    Do they figure they won't be able to improve enough to play in the NFL but they can make their church proud? Is that one of the reasons against choosing Utah?
    by mokus
    (216 minutes ago)
    I think all the Seahawks fans on here can appreciate this
    by The Thrill
    (236 minutes ago)
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    "How does Mikeli play game after game without someone punching him? Every time I see his face, I feel like punching him. Kudos to the Utes for maintaining their composure around such an asshole."
    By: AbsolUTE UTE, February 12, 2000

    "Coach Cleveland, Merrill [Bateman], and Valorie [Hale] can cry all they want about Utah's TV scheduling causing them an unfair advantage. However, they can also thank Utah for providing them with the 'easy' game each and every weekend. Bottom line is every team, including the cats, will focus on Utah more than any other conf. opponent. I refer you all to the comments made by CSU's head coach as proof. That means these teams spend less time and energy [on the] cats. Maybe instead of whining to conference officials, a thank you is in order."
    By: Bleeds Red, January 25, 2000

    "I'm most impressed with what's happening on the hill. The Utes are landing great players, they're winning a good share a recruiting wars, and they're cementing some great football teams to play in R-E Stadium and there's no question the NEW stadium is playing a part in that. Maybe you fair-weather fans will realize what Bo Nagahi realizes and climb back on board. The best days of Utah football are most certainly ahead of us."
    By: Bleeds Red, January 21, 2000

    "Between [U of U President] Bernie Machen and [BYU A.D.] Valerie Hale we are going to have the safest two stadiums in the Nation. Valerie is going to protect us from marauding cheerleaders waving their flags and Bernie is saving us from having to walk past fat old men drinking a few beerskies in the parking lot. Well done, Bernie. Sounds to me like you are creating a problem rather than solving one."
    By: Hod Sanders, January 20, 2000

    "I will say this though, Hale has reinforced what I think most of us that get annoyed at the hate about [BYU]. Namely that if they lose or don't do well it must be because of the refs / schedule / religious bias / media / injury / luck of the opponant / diet coke, etc."
    By: UtahDan, January 20, 2000

    "[BYU A.D. Val Hale] is at it again. Just because ESPN wants to put Utah on TV, BYU suffers. Well here's a concept, get a better team that ESPN wants to televise and maybe you will get the Monday games and Utah will have to suffer the unfair advantage."
    By: MalamUTE, January 20, 2000

    "The schedule is a result of Utah being the most notable program of the conference in basketball and the ESPN contract to get them on TV. My only complaint is that we will eventually hear Steve [Cleveland] and the boys complain about all of the Monday games because they can't practice on Sunday if/when their team gets to the level of Utah. It will never end."
    By: Civil Ute, January 20, 2000

    "It was okay when you [BYU] lost to us in basketball but beat us in football, but now that you loose at everything I respect you about as much as Utah State. Ohh and for all the talk about your tough schedule, Boise FREAKING State ranked ahead of Cal and Virginia, your 'tough' teams. GO UTAH FOOTBALL! I'm sure you guys will think of something else to talk about. Now when we beat you in basketball and football you'll probably say, 'Wait till Swimming Season.' GET A CLUE."
    By: lilpenny, January 19, 2000

    "Recruiting rankings are biased, subjective and worthless. BYU has out-recruited Utah every year for the past 20 years if you go by these rankings. But even thought they've out-recruited Utah, Utah has won 5 out of 7 (one freak missed chip shot field goal short of 6 out of 7), so don't get too caught up in this crap."
    By: Doc Buff, January 19, 2000

    "Juddy supporters don't want to admit this, but by asking BYU for a job, Juddy was not marketing his coaching skills, but was marketing his ability to undermine Utah's program. He either sold out the Utah program, or was an unwitting pawn. Now, we are not at war, and BYU is not the enemy, just a rival and there is no moral or ethical reasons why he should not sell out the Utah program, to better his coaching career, or line his pocket, or for that matter to reaffirm his faith."
    By: Ute Bear, January 18, 2000

    "I didnt see Judkins run down the court at the end of the game to shake hands [with Majerus] either. Judkins orchestrated this supposed slight by saying at a cougar club luncheon last week that he didnt think Majerus would shake his hand. So now all the cougar faithful are watching at the end of the game and trying to impose on Majerus how they think he should behave."
    By: Duz not CompUte, January 18, 2000

    "I for one am glad that BYU gave us a game on Saturday. The rivalry is back! I have become really bored with the annual @SS KICKING that Utah lays on BYU. The game on Saturday was FUN."
    By: Ute Hoopsta, January 17, 2000

    "Lets not forget [that] BYU is also one honor code violation away from having a mediocre year. In recent years, their leading return scorers have had premarital sex, marijuana and check forgery, [which] limits their effectiveness."
    By: Ute Bear, January 17, 2000

    "I listened to both post game radio shows (KALL and KSL) to get a feel and mood from both sides. Several BYU fans on their call-in show, and this morning on KFAN, have been demanding respect for the Coug hoopsters from the Utes. Hey, first you have to win, then you can expect some respect. Losing 11 straight to your arch-rival and STILL having a questionably solid squad won't get you much respect. If you post a "W" next year at the MC (becuase it's not going to happen next month at the HC), then you can demand respect."
    By: Red Sheep, January 17, 2000

    "It is no fun at all not having Roger Reid to loath. Cleveland seems like a pretty good coach, a good hire, and a decent guy. Somehow it just doesn't seem right...Does he have any little wind up toy sons he could get on the court so I could at least loath them?"
    By: wannabeaute, January 12, 2000

    "The Whitings' (his and his wife's) decision to go to BYU is a slap at USU, Weber St., Boise St. or whoever else offered Trent a scholarship. It isn't a slap at Utah. He leaves with Majerus' blessing as I understand it."
    By: Ute the Man, January 4, 2000

    "The Mountain West Conference says that a player can't transfer between two MWC schools without losing a year of eligibility. Most major conferences have this rule. I'm assuming it's in order to keep their children from cannibalizing each other's rosters..."
    By: U-Ute, January 4, 2000

    "I don't think the Whiting transfer is worth any of the slight heat it's generating. I think the simple fact is, he had great promise, Whiting's legs acted up, Colbert stepped up, and Whiting saw he didn't have the collegiate career ahead of him at Utah that he'd hoped for. So he went for the next best situation he thought he could get."
    By: L.A. Ute!, January 4, 2000

    "Mottola has come back from his injury and established himself as a star. All those (primarily carpetbaggers from the BYU board) who questioned whether he is lottery material are looking pretty foolish. He is a man among boys, making it look easy, ripping threes, taking the rock end to end for a jam, and leading the Utes in rebounding."
    By: Seattleute, January 2, 2000

    "Some are fixated on the high rate of attrition from Majerus' program, sometimes comparing him to Bobby Knight. But without exception Majerus' assessment of the players he has sent packing has been right on the money. He has not run off a player, and none have opted to depart, who made any impact on the transferee program."
    By: Seattleute, December 29, 1999

    "It always makes life fun to have a villain, even if the bad guy is more like a whiny version of Martha Stewart."
    By: UteRunner, December 29, 1999

    "I wish I could rightfully give credit where credit is due, but one poster here remarked earlier that there is no sweeter peace than that of the silence when BYU loses. I couldn't agree more."
    By: polarbearwn73, December 28, 1999

    "You know, there have been times when I have been EXTREMELY ticked off at BYU fans. One guy I work with made an intentional effort to come over to my cubible after our Boise State loss and (grinning ear-to-ear) say, 'I knew Utah was going to lose.' Today, he is not saying much to me, but for some reason I don't feel like rubbing salt in his wounds. I didn't like the attitude he showed me, and I don't want to be like that toward him."
    By: Ancient Ute, December 28, 1999

    "BYU is clearly a PAC-10 football program - overrated, arrogant, and underachieving. When they get invited to a bowl next year with a 7 win 5 loss record they'll think they deserved it. That attitude fits right in with the PAC-10. Six and five teams going to bowls, complaining about the quality of their opposition, and then losing."
    By: idb, December 27, 1999

    "I was rooting for BYU today for the good of the conference, but I can't help but enjoy watching the ignorantly arrogant Zoob fans cry in their corn flakes."
    By: Doc Buff, December 27, 1999

    "BYU is this wierd school that has little tolerance for freedom of thought and expression, or common human frailties among kids it has pursuaded to travel from difficult circumstances to bring it glory. BYU was a net gain to the old WAC when its regional football dynasty was in full bloom, and its basketball program sporadically better than respectable. But if BYU can't win and bring the MWC respectability on the field or the court, while remaining so out of step even with such distinguished religioius institituions as Notre Dame and Georgetown, the MWC should deselect it."
    By: Seattleute, December 27, 1999

    "I hope you are a troll, because, though I am Mormon, what others around here choose to believe or not to believe is none of my concern nor is it any of yours. I know what a convenient crutch it is to be able to say to yourself 'Oh they're not Mormon, well that explains everything' and go on your merry, narrow minded, intolerant way feeling that you are somehow superior."
    By: UtahDan, December 27, 1999

    "Just wanted to wish all you Ute fans Happy Holidays and congratulate you on beating Texas. It must be the season when a die hard BYU fan can have warm and fuzzy feelings when the Utes beat anyone."
    By: Festus, December 23, 1999

    "Lute Olson looks like a coach. John Thompson looks like a coach. Pat Riley looks like a coach. I'm just the guy in the XXXL Reebok sweater who likes Italian food."
    By: Rick Majerus, November 30, 1999

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