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    Recent Topics:

    Congratulations on winning the South.

    by ocgreg
    2018-11-18 11:06:55

    & doing so without your #1 QB & TB speaks to Wittingham's coaching prowess.


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    41 - 28!?

    by ocgreg
    2018-10-20 21:54:12

    One of you MF'rs are paying for Helton's cab fare.



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    Let me know what happens tonight.

    by ocgreg
    2018-10-20 16:24:04

    I'm watching the Dodger game.

    más importante.


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    Kyle Wittingham....Kyle Wittingham....please pick-up the Cardinal and Gold phone.

    by ocgreg
    2018-09-26 21:29:16

    We already know 8-4 or 7-5 and some Hell-hole bowl is our destiny this year, but you could change that the next. Yes, we KNOW offense isn't your thing - at least at Utah - but that is ONLY because you've never had a chance to coach the kind of skill players we recruit and sign every year on offense.

    At least mull it over a bit because the guy we have now is dead-man walking.


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    Dear Kyle

    by ocgreg
    2018-09-09 16:25:16

    Last time we didn't even return your call. Forgive us. That was two A.D.s ago. This time we'll listen.




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    I always tell you the truth

    by ocgreg
    2018-09-02 09:51:38

    It's too early to write-off the Mildcats.

    I told you Washington would lose. Peterson can't win big games outside of Boise.

    LOLz at the Fighting Fry Salt Technicians across town.

    USC is a 10-2 team with a (still) 7-5 OL.


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    Presented without comment.

    by ocgreg
    2018-08-12 13:58:59

    http://www.latimes.com/sports/la-sp-jt-da niels-hernandez-20180811-story.html#


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    Oh, Stormy!

    by ocgreg
    2018-07-12 07:39:13

    I hope this doesn’t impact your scheduled appearance at “The Library” Gentlemen’s Club in September!?


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    Looks like they're getting along.

    by ocgreg
    2018-06-10 14:05:31

    So far, so good.


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    A concise summary of USC football after spring practice and heading into the fall.

    by ocgreg
    2018-04-02 17:47:33

    It's true. Life after Sam Darnold may not be pretty, cuz the next two QBs on the depth chart, Fink and Sears, ain't all that. Someone here said the same thing a few weeks ago and I protested - but it's true - I seen it! The OL appears to STILL be an issue as Ohio State demonstrated. The only thing that can save this offense is if QB T.J. Daniels (current high school junior who is graduating early) is the second coming - but that's asking a lot.

    On the bright side, the defense is going to very-very good.

    There you have it.


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    Your recruiting 2018 class.

    by ocgreg
    2018-02-05 09:05:33

    According to Rivals (I know) your class is ranked 60th nationally and 9th in the PAC 12.


    May need to open up the check book.


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    The next USC quarterback that will beat you.

    by ocgreg
    2017-12-23 10:12:31

    You have Tuttle and he's pretty good, but not Trinity League good.

    https://www.ocregister.com/2017/12/22/mat er-dei-quarterback-jt-daniels-confirms-pla n-to-leave-school-and-enroll-early-at-usc/


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    Larry Scott

    by ocgreg
    2017-11-11 15:58:44

    UW, WSU, and USC played Friday night road games and all three lost while ranked in the top ten.

    Yer killin me Larry (only So Cal residents will understand the reference).


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    Wake me when this BYU nonsense is over and I'll come back

    by ocgreg
    2017-09-11 16:19:23

    Otherwise just let me sleep.

    We have lots to talk about.


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    We're going to let you keep Jack Tuttle.

    by ocgreg
    2017-08-16 22:15:38

    That is, unless Alabama flips him. We're going to get J.T. Daniels from Mater Dei (Orange County - Trinity League).

    See you soon.


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    Fake News from Larry Scott (aka Tennis Skirt).

    by ocgreg
    2017-07-01 10:55:12

    The Pac-12 claiming 500 national titles is a bogus claim. They're just adding up all the titles won by member institutions whether they were conference members or not when the title was won. It's just another empty marketing ploy.

    Thought I'd warn you before you make T-shirts.



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    5* QB Matt Corral has de-committed from USC.

    by ocgreg
    2017-06-17 19:05:34

    Jack Tuttle is now supposedly a target for us.


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    Looks like there's no one left to gloat to.

    by ocgreg
    2017-01-03 15:51:41

    Why bother?


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    Congratulations on the win, Utah fans.

    by ocgreg
    2016-09-25 14:26:23

    I didnt know Troy Williams was a local kid out of Narbonne High. He did a great job and like Travis Wilson in 2014 delivered a clutch game winning drive. I was also impressed with how many times my Kyle went for it 4th down. Nice to see a coach not play by the book but with guts unlike our coach, Clay Kadiddlehopper (old folks like FlyFishingUte & Wannabe will understand that reference).

    As USC football slides deeper into irrelevancy so do I. Good luck this year. I see no reason why you cant win at least the PAC 12 South.


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    by ocgreg
    2016-07-20 14:08:29

    Ju Ju Smith-Schuster for your entire starting DL.



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    Did you forget to lock the liquor cabinet?

    by ocgreg
    2016-06-10 23:05:15

    I mean.......I guess if you can back it up, go for it, but seems a bit crazy for Erickson to spout off like this - in a Whoregone newspaper.

    "It was easy"

    http://www.oregonlive.com/sports/oregonia n/john_canzano/index.ssf/2016/06/post_72.h tml


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    An early preseason poll from SI

    by ocgreg
    2016-05-09 13:54:19

    Only 1 PAC South team represented (guess who) but 4 North teams in the top 25!

    That is weak. And odd too.

    http://www.si.com/college-football/2016/0 5/05/too-early-top-25-power-rankings


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    Your free brief spring analysis of USC

    by ocgreg
    2016-04-17 11:57:07

    I know some/most of you dont care, but I skipped out on church this morning and am bored.

    I went to the practice game yesterday, the Song Leaders, Band, and E-coli hot dogs were in mid-season form. Beautiful weather, but why so many Rams jerseys? Ugh.

    The offense is going to be the strength of the team. The starting QB will more than likely be Max Browne, but the other two Darnold and Greene are not very far behind at all. Browne is considerably better than Kessler and has a better touch, especially on the long ball. The WRs & RBs are to our usual standards and the OL is large and in charge.

    Now the bad news (for us); the DL, once again, is going to be the weak link of the team. They are undersized and theyve already lost 1, maybe 2 starters for the year due to injury. The OL was absolutely blowing them off the LOS. Im hoping it speaks more to the strength of the OL butI dont think so.

    The highlight of the day was our blind long snapper, Jake Olsen. He did great and it was moving.

    Bowl Projection: Looks like I wont have any big plans New Years Day, so it doesnt matter.


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    by ocgreg
    2016-04-10 13:44:30


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    He is risen!

    by ocgreg
    2016-03-27 10:15:48

    Happy Easter!

    Fight On!

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    How much are Utah football season tickets?

    by ocgreg
    2016-02-28 15:43:33



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    Utah's women's basketball coach disses USC!?

    by ocgreg
    2016-01-29 21:17:53

    In the pre-game show from SLC, "We only play them once this year and I'm glad it's here instead of down there in COMPTON."


    Internet message board and fan smack is one thing, but coming from a COACH pisses us off. Mike Price used to pull that chit all the time and then his teams would get their butts kicked.

    as did your coach: USC - 70 Utah - 59.


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    Leki Fotu & Maxs Tupai are on campus right now, or will be shortly

    by ocgreg
    2016-01-22 17:17:34

    Wish us luck.


    Fight On!

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    Some of you want to hire Sarkisian?

    by ocgreg
    2015-12-23 17:33:53

    Like, fo'real?

    There are pros and cons. On the pro side, he hates BYU, he needs a job, and alcohol isn't as readily available in SLC as it is in Newport Beach. He was known as a "good recruiter" but so was Lane Kiffin, Paul Hackett, Ted Tollner, Larry Smith and every other failed coach at USC.

    On the negative side, when your AD has to fire him for showing up drunk on the job what makes you so sure he won't attempt an unlawful termination lawsuit against your school - especially after you knew he was/is a known alcoholic?


    Fight on!

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    Keep him.*

    by ocgreg
    2015-11-15 10:51:23

    Fight On!

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    An Emma Lazarus poem from 120 years ago should not dictate US immigration policy. *
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    You’re wrong again, as per usual.
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    (25 days ago, 2 stars)

    JT Daniels is supposed to play as he passed concussion protocol Monday.
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    Can’t believe what I’m reading.
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    Had I been there, I'd have asked him for numerous hits.
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    I'm very interested and will watch the tape
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    The Dodgers win the pennant!!!
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    41 - 28!?
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    Let me know what happens tonight.
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    Real Housewives of Orange County & San Marcos
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    WSU’s quarterback is really good.
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    Oh you 1% CDM types.
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