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    In other news, Utah men’s basketball program commits recruiting violations

    by Ute Bear
    2019-08-06 10:22:47

    https://www.ncaa.org/about/resources/medi a-center/news/utah-men-s-basketball-progra m-commits-recruiting-violations

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    I must be a bad person, because I think the new Deadpool poster is absolutely hillarious.

    by Ute Bear
    2018-12-12 09:22:42

    I have to believe that its a deliberate swipe at the pious majority of this state that thought that adults ought not be allowed to order a beer while watching an R rated movie.

    If you are part of that majority and are offended that Deadpool is mocking that which you hold sacred, you can go here and have your voice heard. Nearly 30k have signed that petition.

    https://www.change.org/p/tim-miller-chang e-the-deadpool-poster-to-not-mock-the-chur ch-of-jesus-christ-of-latter-day-saints

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    Is it over? Have we won the rivalry?

    by Ute Bear
    2018-08-16 11:12:20

    I have come to realize that I don't know a single Zoob, friend/neighbor/coworker that isn't willing to admit that Utah has the superior football program now and in the foreseeable future.

    Every year the noise from fans of the team down south has gotten quieter and quieter. This year silence.

    Sure they still hate Utah, and they hope that, if injuries, turnovers and luck, the could pull a victory. But there is no more hubris.

    Can you have a rivalry when the teams are not competing to prove which team is superior? Is mutual hatred enough to call it a rivalry?

    Perhaps the board seniors can harken back to the 70/80s when BYU had the superior program. Was BYU considered our rival, or just the enemy?

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    This passes for humor down in BYUP.

    by Ute Bear
    2018-08-05 18:42:30

    Funny story about BYU tennis camp
    I’m one of the coaches at the BYU Tennis Sports camps. We get close to 120 kids every week, which is pretty awesome.

    This last week, we had a little 12 year old who was beating up on a lot of the older kids.
    At the end of the week, we match up kids with their level of skill and they play a tournament against other kids of their skill level.
    This 12 year old kid ended up winning his tournament. When you win the tourbament, you get to come up in front of the camp at the end and accept a trophy.

    Anyways, I noticed this kid had U of U socks on. I told him that if he wanted to come up and get his trophy, he would have to remove his socks.
    He thought I was joking at first, and then he realized I was being dead serious. (I was semi joking, but also kinda serious)

    Fast forward to the end of the story, the kid came up to accept his trophy and new BYU tennis champion shirt, sock less. Only had on his tennis shoes. Glad he was able to feel a little of the light. Hopefully he comes back to the good side by the time he’s older.

    https://www.cougarboard.com/board/message .html?id=20147723

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    Warning: New bag policy takes effect this year.

    by Ute Bear
    2018-07-12 10:54:43

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    Great article by Dan Sorenson on how PACMAS day came about.

    by Ute Bear
    2018-07-11 10:32:45

    https://247sports.com/college/utah/Articl e/The-Right-Fit-An-Oral-History-of-How-Uta h-Joined-the-Pac-12-119713965/

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    Can some explain what these numbers mean. These are the top performers on the Adiadas AAU circuit. Rylan Jones, of course, is our starting point guard in two years.

    by Ute Bear
    2018-05-03 13:52:44

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    Heading to vegas Tommorrow. Anyone in the know tell me the best place to buy a large quantity of wine and liquor. If its Lee's which location has the best inventory?

    by Ute Bear
    2018-03-06 11:00:20

    Thanks in advance.

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    Contratulation to Justin Bibbins. PAC 12 Player of the week.

    by Ute Bear
    2018-01-23 09:08:20

    Far and away the most important player on the team.

    Since the start of conference play, he has averaged 17.1 points per game (sixth-best in Pac-12) and ranks among leaders in assists (third, 5.9 per game), free throw shooting (fifth, 89.3 percent), 3-pointers made (first, 3.5 per game), 3-point field goal shooting (sixth, 46.7 percent) and assist-turnover ratio (third, 2.9-1).

    https://www.sltrib.com/sports/utah-utes/2 018/01/22/utahs-justin-bibbins-collects-pa c-12-weekly-honor-after-big-games-against- washington-schools/

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    How we supposed to develop a rivalry with Colorado when Enfield does things that make me want to side with the Buffs.

    by Ute Bear
    2018-01-11 10:29:08

    From Wilner article:

    Falling: Andy Enfield.

    Up double digits with 21 seconds left on Wednesday night, the USC coach called a needless timeout because he had some things to say to my team.

    Yeah, right.

    Thats about as accurate as Enfields comment that the FBI investigation has had no impact on his team. (Exact words: Not at all.)

    Theres no question none, zero, zip that Enfield was attempting to show up Colorado coach Tad Boyle.

    You might recall last weekend, when Boyle unleashed a brutally honest response after beating Arizona.

    If you missed it, Boyle said:

    USC has recruited very, very well. The two most talented teams in our league from top to bottom are USC and Arizona So, hell yes theres extra satisfaction.

    Naturally, Enfield responded to that comment during the week, albeit with a prepared statement that began:

    We are disappointed in Tad Boyles comments, and what they imply

    That Enfield offered up no specific reason for the late-game timeout would seem to indicate he had no reason that he simply wanted to stick the 12-point lead in Boyles face.

    Boyle reportedly didnt take too kindly to it, either: I will say this, that was a very strategic timeout from Andy Enfield and Im not going to forget about it, and neither will our players.

    So Colorados wont forget Enfields timeout, and Enfield wont forget Boyles comments.

    The teams meet Feb. 21 in Boulder.

    Circle. Date.

    https://www.mercurynews.com/2018/01/11/th ursday-stock-report-arizonas-search-eason- to-washington-stanfords-exodus-and-potenti al-coach-on-coach-verbal-violence/

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    Gary's back on the team!!!

    by Ute Bear
    2018-01-02 10:06:35

    http://www.utahutes.com/news/2018/1/1/gar y-andersen-returns-to-ute-football-staff.a spx

    From the article:

    "Returning to the Utah football family is something my wife Stacey and I are very excited about," said Andersen. "Having an opportunity to coach at your alma mater is somewhat unusual and having the opportunity to do it again is certainly special. Kyle Whittingham is a great coach and I look forward to working alongside him again. I am fired up to meet the players and go to work."

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    Here is some news we can all appreciate. Tuttle is officially a Ute.

    by Ute Bear
    2017-12-20 09:02:22

    http://www.sltrib.com/sports/utah-utes/20 17/12/20/utah-football-locks-up-four-star - quarterback-jack-tuttle-to-start-early-si g ning-period/

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    I have two extra tickets for the Utah sessions.

    by Ute Bear
    2016-03-15 13:47:05

    Will sell to a Ute fan at cost, plus one beer per game delivered to my seat.

    At present, don't know if I have been assigned seats in 100 lever ($100) or 300 level ($75). Saturday session only awarded if Utah plays.

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    ASU guard quits the team

    by Ute Bear
    2016-02-24 08:07:57

    Arizona State -- already short-handed -- will be even more so the rest of the basketball season.

    Coach Bobby Hurley announced Tuesday that junior guard Andre Spight -- a key reserve -- has left the program and intends to transfer. Hurley did not go into detail, but said it was solely Spight's decision.
    http://www.azcentral.com/story/sports/nca ab/asu/2016/02/23/andre-spight-leaves-ari z ona-states-basketball-program/80825208/#& l t;/blockquote>

    Last time ASU visited, the Utes beat them by 42 points.
    They have only one true post player, Jacobsen at 6-10.
    They have lost all of their conference road games, except hapless WSU.

    Is this a trap?

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    Cool stat: "Utah has now won 37 straight home games against unranked opposition. The five-point margin, however, is the closest any unranked team has come in the last 35 games at the Huntsman Center."

    by Ute Bear
    2015-11-17 08:31:03

    From: http://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/news/ 2015/nov/16/sdsu-basketball-utah-espn2/

    Also from the article.

    The frown: This was an eminently winnable game.

    Im bitterly disappointed, coach Steve Fisher said. In my opinion, we could have won the game and we did too many things you cant do if you want to win the game We paid the piper.

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    Oregon State player, Victor Robbins arrested for DUI.

    by Ute Bear
    2015-02-10 08:44:41

    Our toughest remaining road game has become slightly less challenging.

    He was already serving a 10 day suspension for "violating team rules."

    From http://www.oregonlive.com/beavers/index.s sf/2015/02/victor_robbins_suspended_orego. html

    "At the time of his suspension, he was third on the squad at 10.3 points per game and was averaging a team-high 12.7 points over the past seven contests. Robbins is slated to return from suspension for OSU's Feb. 19 game against No. 13 Utah."

    Strange year in the PAC 12, with Washington, Oregon and now Oregon State losing key players to off court incidents.

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    It would set a bad precedent for a coach to grant a release to a player one month before camp opens just because he wants to play somewhere else.

    by Ute Bear
    2014-07-08 09:49:12

    At the end of the season, the release should be freely granted.

    At the end of spring camp, sure. Might be inconvenient, but still workable.

    But in the absence of exigent circumstances, ie death in the family, there should be no release granted to a scholarship player at that late date, simply because he changed his mind.

    Its not about return missionaries. Its not about Harvey Langi. Its not about BYU. It about the fact that the school has a limited amount of scholarships available and can't effectively plan for the year, with on open door policy.

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    Chris Reyes

    by Ute Bear
    2014-03-27 15:17:49

    For those who would like to see Chris Reyes in action, here is a link to internet broadcast of a game his team played against Santa Monica College.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8C7_w7nOo 6o

    Though it was broadcast by SMC, the commentators spoke effusively about Reyes. You can tell from the first 5 minutes of the game why Utah offered Reyes a scholarship.

    Reyes was Western State Conference POY, leading the conference in blocks (3.7 bpg), rebounds (12.0 rpg), and field goal percentage (59.7. He also finished third overall in scoring (18.7 ppg).

    He will be a sophomore.

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    USC suspends basketball players James Blasczyk and Dewayne Dedmon

    by Ute Bear
    2013-03-11 14:26:31

    http://www.latimes.com/sports/sportsnow/l a-sp-sn-usc-james-blasczyk-dewayne-dedmon- 20130311,0,5469171.story

    Dedmon is 7 foot jr, that plays only 22 minutes but is their leading rebounder.

    From article:
    USC has suspended basketball players James Blasczyk and Dewayne Dedmon for their alleged role in an incident that happened early Sunday morning in Spokane, Wash., after the Trojans' loss to Washington State.

    James Blasczyk and Dewayne Dedmon have been suspended indefinitely from all team activities because of a violation of a team rule," Coach Bob Cantu said in a statement

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    Jay Watkins in town tonight and Sat. as CSI to play SLCC

    by Ute Bear
    2009-02-20 14:52:13

    7:30 tonight
    5:00 Saturday.

    Hoping someone can catch the game and report back on what kind of player we have.

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    Some strange rules down at BYU...

    by Ute Bear
    2005-06-15 16:04:50

    From article in SL Magazine:

    As a practicing Muslim, Ibrahim wears a bearda goatee, actually. He says his recruiter promised him a beard carda token that lets the bearer check out books from the library or take exams at the testing center without shavingbut it never came through. I had problems every single day about my beard, Ibrahim says. He even had to wrap his own ankle before practice; the trainers couldnt touch him without a
    beard card.

    http://www.saltlakemagazine.com/index.php ?src=news&prid=619&category=Articles

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    ABQ Trib columnist dishes out some good BYU smack.

    by Ute Bear
    2005-02-21 10:18:28

    He chose to preview the Utah/NM game before the Lobos had even played BYU. From Friday:

    The impact, the emotion and the hype for the University of New Mexico's Monday night Pit battle against the No. 14 Utah Utes is so powerful that Saturday's game with Brigham Young is almost a second thought.

    As it should be.

    BYU is weak, down and vulnerable. The Cougars are the Mountain West Conference's 2005 replacement for the once-laughable Air Force Falcons.

    BYU should go down as a guarantee-win night; a chance to taunt the annoying Austin Ainge, son of the even more annoying ex-Cougar Danny Ainge. The Lobos should beat BYU by 20. After all, Granger is healthy now.

    http://www.abqtrib.com/albq/sp_columnists /article/0,2564,ALBQ_19871_3558436,00.html

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    Did Hair Thompson call Danny Granger best player in the conference?

    by Ute Bear
    2005-02-18 09:59:07

    From Abq. Tribune:

    For the Lobos to merit consideration for an at-large bid, they need to sweep their final three home games against Brigham Young, Utah and Colorado State, Thompson said. They need at least a split on the road trip at San Diego State and UNLV. And they need to win at least their first-round tournament game, but more likely advance to the title game with two wins.

    "Then you can make a statement that they would be sitting there in the 23- or 24-win category and you can make the argument that three of the six or seven losses were without (Danny Granger), the best player in the conference," Thompson said.

    http://www.abqtrib.com/albq/sp_lobos/arti cle/0,2564,ALBQ_19873_3555316,00.html

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    Suggestion for Webmonkey: Allow only registered users to sell/request tickets for the bowl game.

    by Ute Bear
    2004-12-14 10:29:41

    I have a feeling that more, rather than less tickets will be available as the the game approaches.
    Lets give the registered users, like Compute a leg up in selling off their extra tickets.

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    I just spoke with a Crimson Club rep. Here is what I learned about the ticket situation.

    by Ute Bear
    2004-12-08 11:30:35

    I was told that an email will be sent out by the end of the week, regarding your order. If they are going to give you less tickets than you ordered, they will be calling you first. (I presume they need authorization to charge your card for an amount less than ordered.)

    I am a Crimson Club member, with tickets on the 45 yd line.
    I ordered 12 tickets. I asked for his best guess as to how many tickets I would be getting.
    He said it is possible that the ALL Crimson club will be given all tickets that they ordered. The maximum ticket order was set at 12. But, he thinks that if they have to limit the amount sold per order to crimson club members, it would be set at no less than 8 per order.

    I did not inquire about ticket allotments to either season ticket holders, that are not members of the crimson club, or to the general public.

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    BYU or Taliban U? Y student arrested for wielding a video camera.

    by Ute Bear
    2004-11-18 12:33:13

    This story epitomizes why I would never send a loved one to BYU.

    http://kutv.com/siteSearch/local_story_32 3114722.html

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    Ma Jian called Chinese Barkley

    by Ute Bear
    2003-02-27 12:23:23

    Interting article about basketball in China. Mentions Ma quite a bit.

    http://www.boston.com/dailyglobe2/056/sports/It_s_still_a_restricted_area_in_some _ways+.shtml

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    The door is open. Mo (21) and Purdue (25) lost last night...

    by Ute Bear
    2003-02-13 10:25:01

    Utah is 28 in the Coaches' poll. To crack the top 25, its not enough that Utah win, but teams in front must also lose.

    Georgia (22)lost to Kentucky on Tuesday night.

    Don't expect Cal(23) or Stanford (24) to lose as they both host Wash/Wash St this week.

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    Utah 28 in Coaches Poll. Pass Alabama, Indiana. Passed by St. Joe's. (link)

    by Ute Bear
    2003-02-10 16:17:14


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    Could be an important game tonight in the Pit.

    by Ute Bear
    2003-01-27 18:04:30

    I fear that if UNLV loses to UNM tonight, putting them at 0-4, we are going to see a complete team meltdown, much like New Mexico after they kicked that player off the team.

    The last thing Utah needs if for UNLV to roll over and play dead when Wyo and BYU play at the T&M. As much as I hate UNLV, which is considerably less than BYU, I will be pulling for them tonight.

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    Top 10 Most Recently Posted Messages:

    One thing we know for certain, when Trump starts his third term, the Supreme Court and the constitution will become become irrelvant.
    (10 days ago, 1 stars)

    Spot on. Here is when he tweeted that he had fired Bolton.
    (12 days ago, 1 stars)

    I agree that China has the upper hand, but that is natural consequence of having a President that comes up for reelection, and an electorate who votes their own short term interest.
    (32 days ago, 3 stars)

    Good point, but meaningless since Trump doesn't have the discipline or competency to lead the US in a trade war agaisnt China.
    (32 days ago, 4 stars)

    When Trump was a candidate, a conservative economist remarked: "Donald Trump, he is a protectionist. He will jack up tariffs and those are higher tax rates and they will pose incalculable damage on our economy. He will destroy the dollar."
    (32 days ago, 11 stars)

    Wait, are you saying that Trump lied? What a shocking turn of events.
    (33 days ago, 3 stars)

    Au contraire -- Trump 8/15/19: “I never said China was going to be easy."
    (33 days ago, 4 stars)

    The game isnt sold out because they jacked up ticket prices for the Utah game. A quick check shows the cheapest seat is $85, when the same seat only costs $30 for Boise State and $20 for Liberty.
    (34 days ago, 1 stars)

    Nice to know that its the "official" survey, and not just a phony survey designed to gather personal information for future fundraising mailers.*
    (39 days ago, 2 stars)

    No one has suggested CNN/MSNBC does not have a bias. All news stations do. Turk was talking about propaganda, not bias. The terms are not interchangeable.
    (46 days ago, 7 stars)

    Unless and until you can present a hilarious video comparing news coverage of Kim in North Korea with CNN's coverage of Obama, then your "both side's do it" just comes across as petty rationalization.
    (46 days ago, 6 stars)

    Zeous is the troll that introduced Pizzagate and Qanon to the board (and me). While I don't take him seriously, he is the canary in the coal mine that tells me what nonsense the right wing nut o' sphere is spreading.
    (46 days ago, 5 stars)

    I enjoy discussing politics with people who have different opinion. Its discussion with people who have a different reality that I find tedious.
    (46 days ago, 2 stars)

    He has already describe Baltimore as a "disgusting, rat and rodent infested mess" and "no human being would want to live there."
    (46 days ago, 3 stars)

    Perhaps, but after he said "everytime there is a shooting, you want to restrict my ... constitutional right ... to buy a firearm to protect myself" I stopped listening.
    (46 days ago, 3 stars)

    More accurately, a paranoid nutjob ranting about people trying to take his guns. I can see why you like him.
    (46 days ago, 17 stars)

    In other news, Utah men’s basketball program commits recruiting violations
    (47 days ago, 1 stars)

    Nice find. I love how he sticks the landing.
    (47 days ago, 9 stars)

    Here's the chart. But don't expect that clear cogent presentation of facts will convince a repub to walk back talking point (Global warming is a hoax/Tax cuts pay for themselves/3 million people voted illegally in 2018/windmills cause cancer/etc).
    (48 days ago, 6 stars)

    Sounds like he read the El Paso shooter's manifesto:
    (48 days ago, 8 stars)

    While I agree with you, these discussions are pointless. If the Sandy Hook massacre, where 20 6-7 year old children were gunned down it not enough to drive the public to support a ban on assualt weapons, nothing will.
    (48 days ago, 6 stars)

    ... ignorant, racist, misogynist.
    (51 days ago, 6 stars)

    Why is it that whenever a board conservative laments about the inequity of racial injustice its always about discrimination directed to white people?
    (51 days ago, 10 stars)

    You can google, or you can choose to remain stubbornly ignorant of facts which might challenge your policital narative.
    (66 days ago, 7 stars)

    Sad to say, but this is conclusive proof that the president of the US is either a moron, a troll or both. In either case, he is an embarrasment to the country.
    (73 days ago, 3 stars)

    "Proof" You clearly don't know what that word means.
    (75 days ago, 0 stars)

    No need to back down. 100% maybe hyperbolic, but you are right. Its telling that Rocker has to go back to the last century to smear democrats with his false equivalency shtick.
    (75 days ago, 1 stars)

    Dude, its been 23 years since Clinton was elected. Times have changed. Democrats have cast aside better men than Clinton since then.
    (75 days ago, 5 stars)

    His question: "Do we want engineers or laborers?" is based on a false premise that we have to chose one or the other. Our country need both engineers and laborers.
    (76 days ago, 3 stars)

    I don't see the connection.
    (76 days ago, 3 stars)

    Here he is posing with one of those good friends of his.
    (77 days ago, 2 stars)

    Pay for it? The deadbeat president still owes Washington DC $7M for the inaguaration.
    (82 days ago, 6 stars)

    Ive seen no evidence that Bernie's messaging or policy goals changed since his book became a best seller.
    (87 days ago, 3 stars)

    True? I don't believe anyone here thinks its true that Bernie think his supporters are chumps (bitches).
    (88 days ago, 3 stars)

    Charlie hasn't read the Mueller report.
    (102 days ago, 4 stars)

    The fact that he thinks the Supreme Court will stop an impeachment proceeding, just confirms that he is dumber than most horses.
    (102 days ago, 9 stars)

    Of course Trumpsters (FKA Republicans) defend a credibly accused war criminal. They are members of a cult that live in an alterntive reality, and to them contrary facts are ignored or written off as fake news.
    (108 days ago, 3 stars)

    Seriously? You think its notable that a well spoken (and white) presidential candidate who was also the lawyer for a porn star that was clandestinely paid hush money by Trump was on CNN and MSNBC over a 120 times last year?
    (121 days ago, 2 stars)

    What a shameful reminder of of the world we live in. Its now huge news when a presidential advisor reluctantly and grudgingly "admits" to the truth of something that everyone already knows is true.
    (132 days ago, 6 stars)

    This cute litte tike had just killed 49 muslims in New Zealand, and was just hoping to punch the magistrate in his arm.
    (136 days ago, 10 stars)

    Right, he lost $1.2B, because his tax lawyers advised him to invest in:
    (137 days ago, 3 stars)

    That is long. Perhaps you could tell us who she is, and summarize some of her key factual points.
    (138 days ago, 0 stars)

    Except for the troublesome fact that bakers are not required to sell cakes to anyone, and twitter cannot ban anyone for any reason, you would have a good point.
    (138 days ago, 5 stars)

    JHills' quote. I looked it up. Holder said it, but it was in response to a question if he was leaving the administration.
    (139 days ago, 4 stars)

    I am not sure why you feel the need to give Trump credit. The investigation into Insys Therapeutics was started by the Justice Department under the Obama adminsitration.
    (142 days ago, 6 stars)

    Perhaps its old news, but here is an article from Dnews titled "Mormons give Trump highest support of any religious group in poll"
    (144 days ago, 1 stars)

    I believe that the lastest numbers put 64% of the population is Mormon, and 80% of Mormons are republican or lean republican.
    (144 days ago, 0 stars)

    The pertinent question is can Bernie win the key swing states. I think so.
    (150 days ago, 4 stars)

    This. Sed and 2/3 of the other early entry applicants did the same thing last year.
    (151 days ago, 0 stars)

    Great article: Insightful contrast between Obama and Trump administration.
    (153 days ago, 7 stars)

    He tweeted this morning that he would announce his decision on Wednesday at 4.
    (160 days ago, 0 stars)

    We need some good hoop news. Was he recruited by Slocum?
    (162 days ago, 0 stars)

    This one tells you the time the road closures end.
    (162 days ago, 1 stars)

    From article:
    (162 days ago, 2 stars)

    I guess I just don't share Trump's belief that the country is full.
    (164 days ago, 3 stars)

    Why wouldn't we want to "keep them"?
    (164 days ago, 5 stars)

    But I did, expressly. I consider dreamers to be Americans. I consider Americans who want to deport dreamers to be A-holes.
    (164 days ago, 5 stars)

    I note in your rant that you did not say "Its not immoral to deport young adults who were brought to this country as children, to a country that they know nothing about, even if they have graduated from high school, stayed out of trouble, ....
    (164 days ago, 3 stars)

    Dems? Don't blame the dems, they offered 25B in funding in exchange for DACA protection. Trump went hardline instead..
    (164 days ago, 11 stars)

    "Straight from Obama Admin?" He worked in the Obama admin in 09-10. This is for work he did at Skadden Arps after he left.
    (164 days ago, 8 stars)

    A long time? To put this in football years, BYU has 1 rivalry win since the Heller decision came out.
    (165 days ago, 1 stars)

    That was a political decision that will one day be overturned by serious jurists.
    (165 days ago, 3 stars)

    If morely is offered Jayce’s scholy, I’m sure he’d stay.
    (166 days ago, 0 stars)

    Interesting backstory to the firing from a "fake news" source. Its seems patently obvious that Trump wants to create a crisis, not solve one.
    (167 days ago, 3 stars)

    Here is the flaw in your thinking. Being rich has never stopped (or even slowed) rich people from trying to enrich themselves even more.
    (167 days ago, 3 stars)

    When I said "a church" I was speaking broadly about conservative religions, not just "the church." I do know there are many openly gay Catholics both active and inactive.
    (171 days ago, 1 stars)

    Lots of ways to look at it.
    (171 days ago, 1 stars)

    You have a better theory?
    (172 days ago, 0 stars)

    Which leads one to wonder, is he a pathological liar or a sadly delusional man?
    (172 days ago, 2 stars)

    I am tired of the embarassment that is Donald Trump. Does that count?
    (178 days ago, 16 stars)

    Don’t think so. Since Freddete, how many BB players led BYU to sweet 16? How many FB players led BYU to victory over their hated rivals? Zero.
    (180 days ago, 4 stars)

    A forced early “retirement” would require a payout, which would not be made public.
    (180 days ago, 0 stars)

    Huh? I have zero reservations calling Smollett and Trump shameless liars.
    (180 days ago, 4 stars)

    Did he retire, or did he "retire"?
    (180 days ago, 0 stars)

    Trump walks on obstruction charges. Smollett walks on false police report charges. Both will claim that they were completely exhonerated, and some fools will believe them.
    (180 days ago, 5 stars)

    Avenatti/Cohen. Its cool that both sides have their own embarrasing sleazebag lawyer, and that they squared off agaisnt each other.
    (181 days ago, 2 stars)

    So why did he lie?
    (181 days ago, 3 stars)

    If he wasn’t covering up a crime, why did he lie? If the answer is, “I don’t know,” shouldn’t you know before you support a pardon?
    (181 days ago, 2 stars)

    I doubt very much that .... "[Mueller] found that Trump did not collude/conspire with this attack on our democracy"
    (181 days ago, 0 stars)

    Has the author read the actual report? If not, then isn't he just adding to the overbearing chatter from both sides of what "the report" means.
    (181 days ago, 7 stars)

    Jantunen and Carlson should be contributers.
    (184 days ago, 0 stars)

    Good call on this one. Trump followed Obama's plan--work with and through partners in Iraq and Syria; US and coalition pinpoint air strikes; arm, train and advise local partners with a small US troop prensence.
    (184 days ago, 6 stars)

    BFD. The man posted a veiled threat on social media, which though not illegal, led the police to investigate to see if there is something to be concerned about. Happens here as well.
    (185 days ago, 4 stars)

    Most conservatives that I know consider abortion to be murder, regardless of what the courts have to say.
    (186 days ago, 3 stars)

    Well don't go donating any sperm until you sober up.
    (186 days ago, 2 stars)

    "The court acknowledged its decision could make Terrell financially responsible for the child...."
    (186 days ago, 0 stars)

    This case turns on whether and if so when the state has the right to intervene in order to protect the "life" of an embryo.
    (186 days ago, 2 stars)

    Does Ubuntu post here? If so, would love to see a ist of all the JC/grad transfers we are looking at to fill that shooter spot.
    (186 days ago, 0 stars)

    That book has already been written. She has no integrity. Its all about the money, and her book will make her alot of money.
    (186 days ago, 2 stars)

    Did the embryo, or as you would say, the baby, sign the agreement?
    (186 days ago, 2 stars)

    Yeah, even the most ardent trump supporter has to admit that only a d-bag would tweet this out about his employee's spouse. (But they won't)
    (186 days ago, 4 stars)

    Not so stupid. Here is how it would happen.
    (187 days ago, 3 stars)

    I genuinely doubt that AOC “fans” who I envision as teens and millennials, watch the news, let alone CNN.
    (187 days ago, 0 stars)

    Its no longer acceptable to go around calling those people "morons". They prefer to be called "Trump supporters."
    (187 days ago, 5 stars)

    Again, what did she say?
    (187 days ago, 6 stars)

    Can you provide an actual quote and link?
    (188 days ago, 5 stars)

    Waste of time? Really? Here are the indictments that have resulted from this "wasted" effort::
    (194 days ago, 4 stars)

    Cohen talked about Trump presenting fraudulent numbers to insurance companies. I wondered what he was getting at.
    (200 days ago, 1 stars)

    I don't follow women sports, and I am not transphobic, so I haven't given this topic any thought.
    (200 days ago, 1 stars)

    ...and then goes out lies about it.
    (202 days ago, 6 stars)

    Top 10 Most Recommended Messages:

    Lucky is a Ute grad. I will be rooting for him. (34 stars)
    2014-09-04 13:55:09

    He took a stand. He went to court. He lost. Resorting to guns after you have had your day in court and lost is not admirable. (33 stars)
    2014-04-24 14:52:32

    Perhaps before calling your fellow Ute fans dolts, you should google the term "hyperbole," and then report back. (30 stars)
    2016-04-18 06:46:23

    Gary's back on the team!!! (26 stars)
    2018-01-02 10:06:35

    Didn't they just have their bowl game? (24 stars)
    2018-11-26 14:08:47

    Technically, Iran reached an deal with the governments of Britain, France, Russia, China, the US and Germany (24 stars)
    2015-09-10 10:13:11

    Well how about that. A sanctimonous douche bag runs cougarboard. What a shock. (23 stars)
    2017-04-20 15:44:24

    That's easy. Offer priority seating for Muss football in the fall to the MUSS students who attend all BB games. (21 stars)
    2013-10-29 08:11:41

    If you mean that its scary that a vast number of Americans actually believe that the Feds considered using drones, then yes, its scary. (20 stars)
    2014-06-10 09:33:09

    Here is some news we can all appreciate. Tuttle is officially a Ute. (19 stars)
    2017-12-20 09:02:22

    Top 10 Most Viewed Messages:

    That and an inexplicable burning desire to be around others that are forced to conform to BYU grooming standard. (1440)
    2017-05-01 11:27:45

    Basketball recruits in town JoJo Zamora, Jace Johnson, and Troy Brown. (992)
    2015-10-08 10:09:29

    Good Point. Anytime I have to explain to a zoob why the PAC 12 choose Utah and not BYU, I use this chart. (894)
    2016-05-05 09:32:43

    Some strange rules down at BYU... (884)
    2005-06-15 16:04:50

    One flaw in your analyis.. (811)
    2002-11-06 13:58:49

    Bogut plays well against Oregon (25pts/10rbs) (807)
    2002-11-07 08:23:40

    I loved Scalley's comments. I was terribly disappointed to learn that he went on cougarboard and apologized to those pricks for calling them pricks. (772)
    2015-10-22 16:19:58

    Why do so many BYU trolls come here pretending to be Ute fans? Insecurity, embarrasment, inate dishonesty? (745)
    2003-02-05 11:31:36

    Bogut attracting NBA scouts... (709)
    2002-11-16 08:45:42

    While the Rio thug was a nice pickup, I have to wonder why .... (670)
    2003-01-05 10:28:51

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