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"Dulce Periculum!"


Member since: September 10th, 2006
Star rating: 1357
Age: 40
Gender: M
Hometown: none
Occupation: Corporate Concierge
Education: Bachelor's Degree
Favorite Website: none
About Me:
My Favorite Teams:
I gave up on the pros several years ago. It started being less interesting to me when the team mentality was left by the wayside for the prima donna superstar. As more and more teams turned to the Yankee style of management - buying the best available at the highest prices for a few years to try and buy a championship, I pretty much quit watching. I may turn on the World Series when it's down to a deciding game, and I go to Super Bowl parties with family/friends but rarely care about the results.
For college, I enjoy all University of Utah sports, particularly football and the hockey club team. I haven't been to a basketball game since I was a student, though I'll generally watch when they're on TV.
I'm also a Michigan State Spartans fan, specifically football and men's basketball, as my father, both older brothers, and several other family members are all MSU alums, so I was raised a Spartan fan. Locally I'm a member of the Utah Spartans Alumni Club, through which my mother, father, and brother were all at one time (or are currently) officers.
My Favorite Victories:
Anytime we win. As a season ticket holder since '02, I've seen some great wins in person, as well as some embarrassing losses. My favorite victory is a tie between the blowout victory over BYU in '04, which both confirmed our BCS Busting as well as being over our then rival, and the victory over then #11 TCU in '08, which pitted two potential BCS-busting teams head to head. In the TCU game, it was down to the wire and both missed TCU field goals were in my endzone (NEZ). I have never heard the stadium that loud before or since. You could literally see the stadium shaking from the noise.
My Favorite Players:
Any player that has donned the Utah Crimson & Black is a favorite, though I have added respect for those that complete their college education as well. Some particular names that come to mind are Bull Heffernan (walk-on long snapper, got to play OL his senior year, knew him as a freshman and liked his work ethic), Eric Weddle (no explanation necessary), and Alex Smith (consummate leader on and off the field, a true student-athlete, getting his bachelor's in two years, working on master's as a starter).


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